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Dive Site: Staircase, Malibu, LA County, Southern California
Staircase is located in Malibu, CA and is one of our most remote dive sites. Staircase is named after the grueling hike up and down the steep cliff path, thus the local nickname "heart attack hill". The diver who overcomes and survives these challenges can be rewarded with an amazing, beautiful ...

Dive Site: Point Dume Pinnacles, Malibu, LA County, California
Point Dume "Pinnacles" in one of the best Beach Dives in Southern California and definitely a top favorite for Scuba Diving in Malibu. It's also one of the most advanced. Both of the towering Pinnacles break the surface of the water and cascade down to 50ft! Sea lions often accompany divers on ...

Big Rock, Malibu, LA County, California
Big Rock is hands down one of the quickest dive site's to get to! Big Rock offers great diving so close to Santa Monica you can see the pier in the distance! It has Light Kelp and an abundance of Marine Life make this site a special place. Big Rock offers a wonderful Kelp Forest and shallow Pin ...

PADI Wreck Diver Certification Course in Los Angeles
  Are you curious about ships that have been claimed by the sea?  Are you a history buff, a photographer, or an thrill seeker?  Wreck diving means different things to different divers. Some are drawn to the mystery of the ship and how it sank, some thrive for the deeper challenge. ...


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