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Boat Diving Schedule for Advanced and Experienced Divers


Now that you've got that AOW card, you're cleared for some of the gnarlier, more adventurous dives off the coast of California. Farnsworth Pinnacle is a deep wall dive a couple miles off of Catalina, with vast blue vistas and dramatic drop-offs. Currents can be pretty intense, so this is recommended for physically fit divers only. DAN insurance and a healthy logbook is required on this dive.
The following schedule of "Specialty Boat Trips" are for Experienced Divers and/or Advanced Certified Divers or Paid Guided Divers or Advanced Students Under Direct Supervision, in other words... no beginners allowed on these more advanced level dives. Also note, if the crew or divemaster witness un-safe diving practices, you will be denied tank fills for the remainder of the day for the safety of others and yourself.

Buying Tickets: Two options, Call 1-310-398-5759 or click the catalina dive trips and charters button and pay online. Don't forget your scuba diver cert card!
Boarding: Arrive 45 min before departure to complete required paperwork, check-in with divemaster or host, show certification card and come fully prepared with all equipment. Please be neat and tidy on the ship. Make sure you have all your gear built and functioning before departure.
Cancellation Policy: Zero refund within the 7 days of departure date. 
Dive Sites: Sites are to be determined by "BEST CONDITIONS". Water visibility, tides, current, surge, swell and wind control site location. Dive Conditions
Spear-guns are not allowed. Responsible lobster grabbers OK with permits.

Gratuity Rule: If you like'd the service you received, enjoyed the food and crew smelled good,... TIP THEM! Universal, global, traditional tip rate is $5.00 each dive. Example: 4 dive day= $20
Directions to Boats: Google Directions
Equipment: You are responsible for all your own equipment, personal items (be neat & tidy), and equipment operating properly.
Rental gear is not available aboard the ships. Back-up gear is for enrolled advanced students only.
Rental:  Come fully prepared with all your gear for a fun filled day of diving. PRINT Rental Formscuba credit card
Waiver:Save time by completing the required boat paperwork ahead of time. PRINT Boat Waiver
DAN Protection: Supplemental dive healthcare coverage, just in case. Get DAN Diver Protection  


Dates Dive Boat Harbor Destination What's Included Departure Ticket
Sun/Dec 15, 2019Magician22nd St, San PedroREEF & CAVERN: Blue Caverns & Eagle Reef3 dives, 2 big meals, sundeck, snacks, drinks, air-fills, hot showers, comfortable bunks. (Nitrox/Enriched Air tank fills are additional)7:30AM $140



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