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Our International Dive Team

Best Scuba rated Dive Center   At Eco Dive Center we’re dedicated to the lifestyle of scuba diving and to the community that embraces that lifestyle of safe diving practices. Look through the bios of our team and you’ll see a recurring theme. For all of us, diving is our passion and teaching others to dive is what we live for.

  Our instructors and divemasters are certified to teach scuba diving through the industry's major certifying agencies. In fact, all of our instructors hold multiple training credentials and can teach virtually any course offered by any certifying agency. Our professionals hold the knowledge and experience to help make you one of California's best divers.
Whether you're trying scuba for the first time or you're going for instructor certification, we have a team member who will instruct and inspire you every step of the way. 
For all of its diversity, the underwater environment is under siege. An integral part of our mission is to help educate, protect and conserve these fragile ecosystems.
At Eco Dive Center our goal is to train divers in marine life awareness as well as how to be better underwater explorers. 


Ron Ron, Instructor

Ratings: PADI Course Director, LA County Underwater Unit Instructor, Research Diver, Excursion Host, Technical Diving Instructor, USCG/USMM 100T Captain, EMT 2,
Bio: I grew up and started diving here in Los Angeles when I was a youngster and here I am, loving every minute of it. Fueled by my love of the ocean & diving I started my adventures in local Kelp reforestation, artificial reef building projects, research diving and teaching ecological dive courses. I've managed dive centers all over the world and I have never seen such a fun group of energetic instructors. Our go-getter team is strict on safety, fun and eco-minded professionals. Here at Eco Dive you'll see a difference, we teach diving because we love it, and we promote dive training because it's all about exploring safely. Educate, Equip and Explorer is our credo. Come learn and earn your certifications with us, come explore the worlds reefs with us, you're in good hands.

Beth Beth, Instructor / Travel Agent

Ratings: SDI Instructor Examiner, Emergency First Response Instructor, PADI Master Instructor, USCG/USMM 100T Captain,
Bio: There are three things I love most about diving. Teaching swimming, snorkeling and bubble making to the community's young future divers lets me share my passions with our next generation. I also enjoy traveling & diving the world, I've been to amazing reefs like Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Cancun & Cozumel, Thailands Similan Islands, Fiji, Costa Rica and the famous Galapagoes... but our SoCal Islands are still my favorite. Our waters have the some of the most biodiversity in the world & that gives me lots to teach. We opened Eco Dive Center in 2005 with an awesome mission of Exploration, Conservation and Education. Our instructors are hand picked and are considered the best, just read our reviews.

Jason Jason,

Ratings: SDI Course Director, Research Diver, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, PADI Master Instructor, Shop Staff: Team Captain, Events Coordinator, In-Store Teammate, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: At the age of 10 I attended CIMI - Catalina Marine Institute and I instantly knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to all things ocean. Started out free diving and eventually moved to scuba. It has been downhill from there. I have dove all over the world my favorites being Western Australia (Wobbegong Sharks!) and the Kelp Forests here in California. I specialize in fish identification and marine life. I am particularly interested in sharks. I love diving with them and educating people on how to protect them. I have a distinctive specialty in Shark Conservation Diving. My goal is to get my students as excited about the ocean and diving as I am.
My Dive Gear: ScubaPro Knight Hawk BCD, ScubaPro regulators, Atomic Cobalt Dive Computer, ScubaPro Nova Scotia Semi Dry Suit. I'll help you choose the right stuff.

Jake Jake,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Technician, In-Store Teammate, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up in SoCal I was always near or in the water. A snorkelling trip to Hawaii peaked my interest and left me wanting to see more of the ocean. When my parents bought me a SCUBA certification through Eco for my high school graduation present, my life was changed forever. I started to fall into SCUBA as much as I possibly could, becoming one of the youngest instructors at Eco as well as working full time in the shop. SCUBA became my true passion and I started taking it as far as I possibly could, learning more and more about gear, different styles of diving, and different teaching methods. When I'm not doing the training, I’m usually being trained! For example I recently acquired the Full Cave certification and am continuing down the path of becoming more and more of a Tech Diver. I am always in the shop and love nothing more than talking about and nerding out on gear. Anything you could ever need to take you underwater I can help you out with!

Char Char,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: In-Store Teammate, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Char grew up in Las Vegas, NV and has lived in Los Angeles since 2001. In 2017 Char's life would forever be changed when she bought a Groupon to learn SCUBA at Eco Dive Center and has never looked back. Growing up in Vegas she had never heard of scuba and the only water she had seen were the ones in front of hotels. Char received her Divemaster Certification on Valentine's Day 2019 and Instructorship October 2019, it will forever be true love with over 1000 dives under her BCD and has dove in Maldives, Mexico, Thailand, Belize, Fiji and Philippines. When you find true love you never let it go. Char is currently working on her PADI IDC staff and Master Instructor ratings.
My Dive Gear: Bare and Henderson wetsuits, ScubaPro MK25 regulator, X Deep Backplate BCD, Suunto dive computer and Scuba Pro Drysuit.

Jessy Jessy,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Jessy is a Southern California Native and has grown up swimming, surfing and playing in these waters. Jessy is in her last year of college for Environmental Science and Resource Management at CSU Channel Islands. Jessy started her scuba career in her freshman year of college when wanting to use diving as a means of research and enjoyment. She instantly fell in love being below the surface and quickly found her way from open water straight to instructor. She worked on Catalina island for 11 weeks in 2019 certifying folks out there and gaining lots of experience. She joined Eco in June of 2020 after transferring from a previous dive shop and loves being part of the Eco family. Jessy loves instructing and getting to show people her favorite place in the world. If you love the ocean and want to learn more about it, stop by the shop and talk to Jessy about all things ocean protection and diving!

Oleg Oleg,

Ratings: Cave Diver, PADI Instructor Trainer, SDI Instructor, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Technical Diving Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Oleg grew up watching the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and his dive team and got captivated with the underwater world. So when opportunity presented itself he got certified and went diving all over the world. When Oleg moved to Southern California he got really fascinated with the local kelp forests and overall marine biodiversity here. After doing a lot of diving he decided to share the passion and became an instructor with Eco Dive center. Oleg is excited about sharing his skills and knowledge about diving and local marine life with new divers. It is always awesome to see the spark in peoples' eyes when they get introduced to the amazing world of diving. Oleg also got into tech diving and just recently got his TDI Full Cave Diver certification.
My Dive Gear: I'm good and helping divers gear up right. This is what I dive with... Shearwater Perdix computer, DUI drysuit and Atomic T3 regulator

Richie Richie,

Ratings: TDI Instructor Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, PADI Master Instructor, Technical Diving Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: I have been in and out of the ocean all my life. I was PADI Open Water certified when I was 13 years old. My second home was diving Casino point over at Catalina island. I loved diving so much I continued my education to become a Scuba Instructor. I have been on many tropical trips throughout the years but there is nothing like California diving. The Kelp, Sea Lions and the fact that in my own backyard have always been most attractive to me. I loved the ocean so much that I moved down to San Diego and worked for Sea World for a number of years working with Commersons Dolphins, Sea Lion show, and even witnessed the birth of Takara (AKA Baby Shamu). I still continue my passion for diving today. I love teaching new students the fundamentals of diving as well as the advanced students the technical nuisances that they are learning and exploring. Diving is and will always be one of the best things in my life and my only hope is that I can share my joy for scuba with all of my old and new friends.
My Dive Gear: Atomic T3 regulator, Shearwater Perdix dive computer, Sub Gravity wing and Backplate, Scubapro NovaScotia wetsuit. For Tec Diving, XDeep Stealth 3.0, XDeep Rec wing, Atomic M1 regulators, Sherwater Perdix computers, Bare X-Mission Dry Suit!

Tim Tim,

Ratings: SDI Instructor Examiner, PADI Instructor Trainer, Research Diver, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Tropical Trips Travel Agent, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up on a tiny island in Southeast Asia, it is ironic that I was an aquaphobe till my early twenties. Refusing to give in to my irrational fear of the water, I decided the best course of action was to do something extreme. During summer break in 1999, I traveled to a tiny island in Malaysia, and got certified as an Open Water Diver. Since then, it has been an amazing odyssey which has brought me diving all over the world. Now I want to share my love of the underwater realm with students eager to jump into the water and explore. Few things can compare to the satisfaction of seeing a wide eyed student brimming from ear to ear after their first encounter with a playful sealion. I love all types of diving; wreck diving in Florida and in San Diego, Drift diving down the Colorado and in Cancun, muck diving in Redondo Beach and Lembeh Straits, wall diving in Roatan and in Sipadan, and of course reef diving in Catalina and in the Great Barrier Reef. But one of my favorite types of diving is swimming thru the kelp forests off our California coast. It is like a magical hike through an enchanted Redwood forest with the sun beams shining through between the trees only underwater!
My Dive Gear: Only the best gear for me! ScubaPro Uwatec dive computer with wireless transmitter, Scubapro Seahawk BCD, Scubapro S600 MK25 Regulator, Scubapro Nova Scotia semi dry wetsuit and Scubapro Everdry Neoprene drysuit. Also, Hollis Bat Fins. Canon G10 camera with Canon Underwater Housing and Sea&Sea YS01 strobe.

Bree Bree,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, SDI Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: “Bree Chamberlain invented post-it notes, gel nail polish and the internets. She was raised off the coast of the tundra by a band of rogue narwhals and later adopted by the fleet of a scientific research mission as their mascot/chef/live music/ resident numismatist. Upon returning to civilization she became a world famous large dog breeder and ice cream taster. She lives by a strict code of safety, empirical proof and pandering for laughs. Falling naturally into scuba as a teen- later dragging all manner of family/friends into the sport like an ocean-obsessed siren. Having depleted her immediate social network, she joined the professional ranks to recruit strangers into taking up Neptune’s charge. Will you join her?” *@ecodivecenter does not endorse the above fabrications, exaggerations or fantastical speculations

Kendra Kendra,

Ratings: PADI Certified Assistant Instructor, SDI Divemaster, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: I began diving in 1989 in the dark cold waters of Whittier, Alaska and while that slowed me down temporarily, a move to California reignited my love for diving. I love to travel and one of my goals is to explore the world both above and below the water although California still ranks as my favorite dive location. The kelp forests are amazing, I can think of no better way to pass an hour than laying on the sand watching a sea-lion chase fish in the sunlight. I love going on Eco’s tropical trips once a year, meeting new divers and exploring new places underwater. My favorite dive though so far was off Aliwal Shoals, S.Africa diving the Produce wreck and listening to humpback whales singing underwater. The effect was as if the wreck was haunted. While there I took a specialty course in Shark diving that has lead me to appreciate sharks even more and try to spread the word on fact and fiction regarding them. I am very excited to be working in diving and can't wait to share the experience with others.
My Dive Gear: Bare and Scubapro wetsuits, ScubaPro MK25 & S600 regulator, Zeagle Stiletto BCD, Suunto dive computers

Shannon Shannon,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: I grew up surrounded by land in the middle of the continent--Missouri. Planning to study marine biology, scuba was always on my radar of things I must achieve. In college, I took a scuba diving course and did my first 40 dives over two weeks in Cozumel, Mexico. It is safe to say that after that trip, biology was no longer the focus of my diving experiences. After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, I finally lived by the ocean. I became a PADI and SDI scuba instructor, and so my interests slowly became focused on being a dive professional. I have a passion for conservation and ecological awareness, which are two very important ideals for divers to learn. Come to Eco and let us teach you!

Zachary H Zachary H,

Ratings: PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Having grown up near the beach in SoCal, I was no stranger to the ocean, but it had mainly been above water. The moment I went under water, I felt like I discovered a whole new world. I started diving 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with the sport. The desire to share my passion and show this world to others is why I became an instructor. I am an avid traveller and have been diving in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Caymans, and of course in our backyard playground of the channel Islands.
My Dive Gear: Atomic ST1 Regulator, OMS Backplate BCD, Hollis Mask, ScubaPro Jet Fins and Atomic split fins, Bare Sentry Tech Dry Suit, Oceanic Dive Computer with Transmitter.

Rupen Rupen,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, EMT 2, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Coming soon...

Sara S Sara S,

Ratings: PADI Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up on the East Coast, the beaches of North Carolina and Virginia Beach were my backyards were I spend my summers swimming, paddle boarding, and surfing. My passion for the ocean and conservation only continued to evolve when I moved to Southern California. I decided to take the plunge and fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a scuba diver with Eco Dive center. After my first breath underwater I was...hooked! I knew I needed to share my oceanic fervor through teaching and sharing experiences with this incredible dive community. calling YOU, all my fellow salty dogs, so grab your fins and join me in blowing bubbles underwater!!

Dr Daniel Dr Daniel,

Ratings: PADI Divemaster,
Bio: Growing up in Redondo Beach, I got my PADI Open Water Certification in 1998 and completed my PADI Divemaster certification in 2018. I love being in nature and I love gear. There is no better combination than SCUBA diving. The feeling of being underwater is the best! One of my favorite aspects of diving is that no two dives are the same even in the same location. Being underwater is a pass into a world very few people get to experience and I feel privileged to be part of the Eco Dive Center team where I get to help people explore this world. I am a strong advocate of continuing to learn and will always encourage you to improve your diving through getting more advanced certifications and of course by diving more!

Ashley Ashley,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, SDI Instructor, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor,
Bio: Ashley's first scuba experience was in Koh Phangan, Thailand, in 2007. She loved it so much she decided to get certified the next year in Cozumel, Mexico. She dove for many years in tropical locations such as Maui, Cabo and the British Virgin Islands before finally trying California diving in an Advanced class with Jason at Eco. In addition to teaching, she completed the Reef Check California training program, allowing her to collect data which is used to protect our local rocky reef ecosystem. Her favorite dive trip ever was a Red Sea Liveaboard and her favorite class to teach is Wreck Diver.
My Dive Gear: ScubaPro BCDs, Atomic T3 (Titanium) Regulators, Suunto D6i computer, Atomic mask, ScubaPro Seawing Nova fins, Bare Evoke wetsuits.

Ian Ian,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor,
Qualified to Teach: Open water to Divemaster, Digital Underwater Photography, Night Diving, Deep Diving, Enriched Air, Drysuit
Bio: My dad is a retired navy diver so I was in the water at an early age; you could say diving is in my blood. I was thirteen when I had my first dive experience. The warm waters of Florida Keys allowed me to see an amazing underwater world and gave me a new found clarity. I started my professional diving career in 2015 and progressed through the ranks quickly to gain my Instructor status. I was lucky to be trained by the best instructors in Southern California and now I’m inspired to teach others the same crucial skills that allow me to dive with ease and confidence. I am here to get more divers in the water and gain a better understanding of our oceans.
My Dive Gear: I can help you select the right gear, this is what I dive with... OMS custom built BCD, Zeagle Ranger BCD, Atomic Cobalt 2, OMS slipstream fins, Bare X-Mission Drysuit, Hollis M-1 Mask, Shearwater Perdix and ScubaPro everything else…

Dave Dave,

Ratings: PADI Instructor, NAUI Instructor, LA County Underwater Unit Instructor, SDI Instructor, NAUI Instructor, SSI Instructor 5000Pro, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Dave Bunch certified as a basic SCUBA diver in 1962. In 1964 Dave completed the L.A. County's 13TH Underwater Instructors Certification Course (13 U.I.C.C.) and began teaching-certifying divers the very next day. That same year, the first L.A. County Advanced Diver Program started and Dave staffed the first through the 40Th as a dive master and assisted in all other ADP's to date. He has also staffed 14 U.I.C.C.'s as an instructor dive master. Awards over the years are many and include: Outstanding Service as an Instructor to the Underwater Program ( 1967), Outstanding Underwater Instructor (1972, Conrad Limbaugh Award (1993), Presidents Award (1988) and was the recipient of the California SCUBA Service Award (2006). Dave also served on the Board of Director's for the Underwater Instructors Association for many years, and participates in the 3R's Program. He leads three snorkel tours, two days a week at Catalina Island. Dive interests include teaching Basic SCUBA(open water), Intermediate and Advanced Diving Courses, diving for Jade, Spear fishing, game taking, photography, fresh water lake and river diving and Search and salvage diving. Dave worked aboard Princess Cruises (The Love Boat) for ten years teaching crew members and with Astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory for three years while working at The Boeing Company. Previous to that he was in charge of diving operations for Garrett Air Research Mfg. Co. with the first space walks for the Gemini program.
My Dive Gear: Active Los Angeles County Underwater Instructor (13 UICC) for 51 consecutive years since 1964 . Currently teaching Refresher and Introductory SCUBA. Ex NAUI, NASDS PADI and SDI instructor. At least one more year to go..

Andrea Andrea,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, SDI Instructor, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: In-Store Teammate, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: I always had a love for the ocean and all the life in it. Like a lot of kids, I kicked around the idea of becoming a Marine Biologist when I grew up ...Well, that didn't happen. Needless to say, my career focuses on getting hit in the head more than using it :-D I am a stunt woman now and have been lucky enough to be able to use SCUBA diving within my field of work as well as outside of it. I also work part time as an aquarist and scientific diver at the California Science Center and I am a volunteer diver at the Science Center as well as the Aquarium of the Pacific. If you want to dive these amazing exhibits, too, we can help you get qualified! Needless to say, diving has become a big part of my life both recreationally and professionally and I am happy to be able to share my passion with you. Now, let's go diving!
My Dive Gear: DRY Suit! Zeagle Stiletto BCD, Atomic ST1 regulator, Scubapro Seawing Nova, Jet Fins or OMS Slipstreams, usually wearing my pink hood, and a Suunto Zoop Novo dive computer and Shearwater Teric

Claes Claes,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Professional
Bio: Citizen scientist diver with Reef Check for 5+ years, lots of dives in the Southern California kelp. I've developed a passion for the local Eco systems and preservation here in California. Started diving in 1987 with first dives in the Baltic sea in winter time. A vacation diver with some very awesome tropical dives in Thailand, Bali, Trinidad & Tobago, Florida Keys and Hawaii. Even a few cave dives in the Yucatan. However, still many places to go! I teach scuba in English and Swedish.

Michael Michael ,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: In-Store Teammate, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up in Southern California, I have always enjoyed living near the ocean and experienced new adventures. With having an adrenaline for discovering new hobbies I discovered scuba diving shortly after a trip from Hawaii, I was fascinated with the aquatic underworld and was curious to discover what else I could do besides snorkeling. In planning a summer vacation, I thought to myself that if I were to go Tropical for my next vacation, I should consider scuba diving, and what better way to perfect my skills in diving then to be able to practice in my own back yard of the Pacific Ocean. That is when I went to Eco Dive Center for my OW certification and quickly moved through the certs to get where I am today, teaching with people who taught me how to dive. In this journey I have been coral, night, and wreck diving in the Caribbean and in the Bahamas of course California . It has been an amazing experience and I can�t wait to pass on my passion and knowledge of diving to many new divers.
My Dive Gear: Bare reactive 7mm wetsuit, Bare reactive 3mm wetsuit, Bare Dry Suit X-mission, ScubaPro Knight Hawk BCD, Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator, Atomic Aquatics B2 Octo, Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2 dive Computer, ScubaPro Seawing Nova Fins.

Stephen Stephen,

Ratings: SDI Course Director, PADI Instructor Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Technical Diver, Shop Staff: Sales Manager, In-Store Teammate, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginner to Professional
Bio: My first scuba experience was actually at Space Camp (yes, I'm a bit of a nerd) - simulating weightlessness in a tank in Huntsville, Alabama. Years later, I was traveling in Central America and remembering how much I'd enjoyed scuba and loved the water, decided to get certified. I fell in love with scuba, immediately moving on to my Advanced course. In early 2014 I relocated from Washington DC to sunny Los Angeles and jumped at the chance to dive every weekend, and ultimately decided to share my love of scuba and the ocean with others. I've been to Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Grand Cayman, and the Philippines; traveling and diving are two of my favorite things and I love to combine them whenever possible.
My Dive Gear: Waterproof 5mm semi-dry wetsuit, Scubapro 3mm wetsuit, Scubapro Evertec drysuit, Oceanic BUD back-up computer, Mares Avanti Quattro fins, Atomic Aquatics split fins, Akona dive travel bag. I love talking gear and keeping up with current trends, so I'll help get you suited up right.

Jeremey The Wolf Jeremey The Wolf,

Ratings: PADI Divemaster,
Bio: I grew up spending my summers in the Isthmus in Catalina on my family's boat, snorkeling, water skiing, and even SCUBA diving once or twice. My uncle also ran a dive boat out of San Pedro, and although I had these connections to our underwater world, I did not get certified until 2003. Since then I have made diving my one hobby, and have grown to enjoy introducing others to it by assisting with instruction at Eco. I travel to Hawaii once or twice a year for "business" and manage to get in as much diving as possible, in addition to diving locally as much as I can fit into my schedule.

Fred Fred,

Ratings: PADI Instructor, Research Diver, SDI Instructor, Excursion Host, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up in LA has afforded me the opportunity to be the biggest kid in the world. I've taught just about anything that has to do with the water. I've been a Lifeguard for LA City for about 6 years now, as well as a surf instructor for 3 years. What was simply a conversation with a few fellow lifeguards, led to back to back certifications all the way to Instructor. With such a love for all things in the water, and the ability to teach many of the skills. I decided why not do one more? If there are no waves for me to surf, I'm down below as much as I can be. I am fascinated by sharks and deep diving and am making it my goal to further my knowledge and skills in these aspects of SCUBA.

Jason Jason,

Ratings: PADI Divemaster,
Bio: My first taste of diving was in a PADI Open Water Referral course in Missouri where I was wowed by the ability to breathe underwater with scuba gear. After moving to Los Angeles, I continued my dive education and grew deeper and deeper in love with the sport. I now scuba dive whenever I can, every week. It is simply wonderful to escape the worries of the surface world and find solace in the comforting waters of the ocean. I love sharing my passion for diving with others and I am excited to do so as part of the Eco Team.
My Dive Gear: ScubaPro Hydros Pro BCD, Apeks XTX 50 DIN regulator, ScubaPro Air2 Inflator Regulator, Suunto Eon Core Dive Computer, Hollis NeoTek Semi-Dry Wetsuit, DUI CLX 450 Drysuit, ScubaPro Seawing Nova Fins

Avalon Avalon,

Ratings: PADI Divemaster,
Bio: After stumbling into Eco Dive Center at 19 years old, I fell in love not only with scuba diving, but with the community of scuba divers here in LA. At the time, I was studying Marine Biology at UCLA, but learned more about the ocean from my instructors at Eco than I did from my professors. Now, almost 6 years later, I dive more than ever before, and love being able to introduce others to the wonders of diving for the first time. In my mind, scuba diving is a lot like hiking. Even before learning about all the plants and animals you may encounter, the sheer experience of simply wandering around underwater, surrounded by nothing but the pure beauty of nature, is awe-inspiring and overwhelming in the best way possible. I have been diving in California, Hawaii and Mexico, with hopes to travel everywhere else in the world that will let me into their water. However, I was born & raised here in Southern California, so this will always hold the most special place in my heart, especially Avalon (Catalina, of course).

Darya Darya,

Ratings: PADI Divemaster, Shop Staff: In-Store Teammate,
Bio: I will never forget the first time I blew bubbles underwater. It was in the warm, crystal clear waters off the coast of Eilat in Israel, and it was the moment I fell in love with a whole new part of the world… The Ocean... the source of life to everything we know and cherish on Earth. That trip was merely the beginning of the journey I have chosen to pursue for the rest of my life. I was able to bring that newly acquired passion back home; to the gorgeous and bountiful marine biodiversity that enhabits our backyard. I moved up from Scuba Diver to studying for my Instructor Exam in the course of six months, and I am a different person for it. As a scuba diver, I cherish the privilege to see and interact with the underwater world and to be a part of such a caring and loving community at Eco Dive Center. I can’t wait to get more involved, to grow, to learn, and (most of all) to spread the love and passion to students and friends alike.
My Dive Gear: OMS SmartStream Backplate, Atomic Regulator, Shearwater Perdix AI Dive, ScubaPro Seawing Nova Fins, Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera with housing. Come by the shop and we’ll get you geared up!

Steve Steve,

Ratings: NAUI Divemaster, SDI Assistant Instructor, AAUS Scientific Diver, Shop Staff: Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Coming soon...

Autumn Autumn,

Ratings: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer,
Bio: Growing up on the West Coast of Canada, water has always been a part of my life, from swimming to kayaking to wakeboarding. As soon as I got certified in Belize on a special birthday trip - I was hooked and never looked back!!!! I came back to LA and got immersed in the dive community here. Mentored through Jason, Tim and Ron I continued my PADI dive education and now enjoy spreading my diving excitement onto customers. For me diving and showing gear is more than sales and modeling, but exploring an exciting foreign world of water and the opportunity to find a calming sense of peace under the sea. The life renewing energy found in the water and passion for environmental awareness/protection are some of my favourite things to get other divers excited about.
My Dive Gear: Subgravity Back Plate and Wing; Atomic regulators; Suunto Eon Core dive computer; variety of brands and styles of wetsuits and a Waterproof Drysuit� Come into Eco and will find the right stuff for you!!!



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