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    Welcome to our monthly "Diver Night" schedule! Diver Night is always scheduled for every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. This is an "open-to-everyone" event. You're invited and so are all of your dive buddies. There is no cover, no membership, and no charges of any kind. Come and enjoy a night of dive entertainment and education on us! We even provide BBQ tacos in the parking lot. Join the fun. 

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See Our Next Speakers:

October 1st at 7 PM Leah Young and Valerie Hoffman - Volunteer Diving Program at Aquarium of the Pacific
Leah Young and Valerie Hoffman

Have you ever thought of being an aquarium presentation diver?

This month we have 2 incredible woman coming to speak with us about their volunteering at the Aquarium of the Pacific . We are welcoming Leah Young and Valerie Hoffman who both started volunteering at Aquarium of the Pacific 21 years ago! They have had the opportunity to grow with the aquarium and positively influence so many through their love of the ocean. Leah works in the husbandry department of Shark Lagoon at Aquarium of the Pacific but has bounced around in all facets of the aquarium. She also helps with their Community Outreach Booth and Speaker’s Bureau. Valerie, who goes by Val, was born and raised in Long beach has been at Aquarium of the Pacific since her and her husband signed up in 1998. Val spends her volunteering days in the Education department. Previously a teacher of literature and English and Spanish language, she does an amazing job at interpreting exhibits and leading guest tours. Please welcome these fin-tastic ocean advocates to dive club October 1st, 2019 to learn more about their journey with Aquarium of the Pacific and how they are learning something new about the ocean and the creatures within it every time they are there!

Raffle $1 Unlimited Tickets
Prizes: Boat Ticket to Catalina, Octo Regulator, Hats from Atomic Aquatics and Scubapro



August 6th at 7 PM 3 Awesome Presentations! -
3 Awesome Presentations!

It's another fun Tuesday night party with a great presentation at West L.A. Dive Club located at Eco Dive Center in West Los Angeles.

Opening Dive Club: Zac Araneta on Gear Tips & Tricks
Followed by: Jason Karten on a brief presentations of Shark diving in Fiji!

The Main Speaker of the night will be Roger Hanson
Topic: Seahorses
A retired teacher found some seahorses off Long Beach. Then he built a secret world for them

About The Speaker:
Roger Hanson, MSTD 90230. He has 30 consecutive years of diving experience, having certified 300 divers. Logged dives: 6,521... averaging 212 dives a year, career-wise, over 366 a year for past six years. He is highly educated, Masters degree, aged-68. He study seahorse life in the wild, built my own biomes for ingen , and have continued the study now, going into his 4th year. He is considered by those who out rank him, to be the world's leading expert on giant Pacific Seahorses.
In 2015 he was awarded this place plaque by Jean-Michel Cousteau for his work with octopi, and for his love of the ocean.

$2 Raffle Prizes

The event is free and all divers are welcomed.



April 2nd at 7 PM Nick from SD Shark Expeditions -
Nick from SD Shark Expeditions

It's another awesome party with an awesome presentation at Eco Dive Center hosted by West L.A. Dive Club and special guests from SD Expeditions with raffle sponsorship from XS SCUBA and TUSA

Party starts at 7PM sharp so show up early for pizza and seating.
Nick from SD Expeditions will be presenting how we all can jump onboard one of their adventures in San Diego.

Be early, parking might be lil'tricky.


June 4th at 7 PM Heal The Bay -
Heal The Bay

It's another fun Tuesday nite party with a great presentation at West L.A. Dive Club located at Eco Dive Center in West Los Angeles.

Topic: Pride Month begins with an inspiring presentation on Gender Fluidity in Marine Animals.
Sounds slightly confusing?
Then you must join us as we explore the different ways marine animals exhibit non-binary gender roles in our seas- from changing sex to reproducing asexually, what may seem eclectic to us is just a typical day for some sea creatures.

Who: Heal the Bay is committed to keeping our water systems healthy and thriving for years to come. Through science and youth education the Heal the Bay Aquarium focuses on introducing ocean conservation action at a young age and teaching everyone what small changes you can do that make a large impact on our oceans.

The Speaker: Natalie works as an aquarist for Heal the Bay where she specializes in marine animal husbandry and also works at Eco Dive Center as a Divemaster.

$2 Raffle Prizes: Behind-the-scenes tour of QA with a baby shark feeding experience. Raffle proceeds go to Heal the Bay

Buy: Heal The Bay T-shirts and 'aqua-adoption' stuffed ocean animals that come with a fact card about the animal

The event is free and all divers are welcomed.



March 5th at 7 PM Reef Check -
Reef Check

February 5th at 7 PM Diver Alert Network -
Diver Alert Network

January 8th at 7 PM California Science Center - Dive Safety Officer
California Science Center

Sean Eckley is an Assistant Dive Safety Officer in the Living Collection Department at the California Science Center. He is NAUI certified scuba instructor with a passion for marine ecology and our oceans. During his undergraduate career at UC Santa Cruz, Sean got certified and worked his way up to Divemaster through the universities scuba club, as well as received training to become an AAUS Scientific Diver for UCSC. He has had many exciting opportunities to work on an array of projects, from annual monitoring programs, to working on the California Moray Eel project on Catalina Island. After graduating, Sean completed his NAUI Scuba Instructor course while living and working in Monterey, CA. 

Now, as an Assistant Dive Safety Office, Sean enjoys being able to share his passion for the ocean and skills as an instructor to keep divers safe and expand the CA Science Centers Volunteer Program to enrich the lives of local divers and the greater LA community.



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