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Beach Dite Site: Veteran's Park in Redondo Beach, California

GPS: 300 George Freeth Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Veteran's Park, located in Redondo Beach is one of the best dives in Los Angeles County. It has the easiest entry and exit points along with easy parking. Classes are often held here on the weekends and a local dive club called dive here ever Wednesday Night. Weak currents and an easy entry make this a popular site with beginner Beach Divers. During the week, you'll often run into or see Tech Divers training on specialized equipment such as Rebreathers or other exotic gear. A Scuba Diver can expect to see Octopus, Sarcastic Fringehead, Scorpionfish, Pipefish, Giant Starfish, Baby Horn Sharks and lots of Sand Dollars. New and exotic species are always popping up! Difficulty Level 5/10.


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Interests: Octopus, Sarcastic Fringehead, Scorpionfish, Pipefish, and baby Horn sharks are plentiful here. At night an entirely different community of Marine Life comes out: Shrimp, various Crabs, Exotic Nudibranchs, Bat Rays, Rockfish, and Eels. Baby fish hide under algae in the "detritus zones". Rockfish congregate around the "monument". New exotic species are always popping up!

Entry & Exits
Use prudent judgement when Beach Diving, perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up. Sandy entry, use the handrail when traversing the stairs up and down from the parkinglot. Apply a surf entry appropriate to the current conditions and within the scope of your training. 

Suggestions: Bring a Beach Mat to change on (in the parking lot), plenty of fluids and a snack or meal if you're doing more than one dive.

Best time to Dive: Anytime! Avoid diving in high surf or strong North / North West swells.

Visibility: 10 - 35ft

Warnings: The climb up the stairs and the walk through the sand can be slightly strenuous. The canyon can get very cold with a thermocline around 40ft.

Depth recommendations: 30 - 60ft are where most of the points of interest are for this dive site. Apply prudent judgement and consideration of your experience level and scope of training when planning and executing your dives.

Safety: Use of a Float, Flag, Anchor and Descent line are required for Beach Diving. Cell Phone, Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kit are always recommended.

 GPS: 300 George Freeth Way, Redondo Beach, CA


 vets park

Parking: Bring plenty of quarters. Parking is not free! If you don't feed the meter, they WILL ticket you! The parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and enforced accordingly.

Photo of the stairs going down to the dive site (left)  &  the parking lot adjacent to the stairs (right)



By Dylan J. Johnson

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