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Technical Equipment Configuration

For purposes of safety, functionality, and uniformity of instruction, gear configuration during all in-water training activities must be the same for instructors and students. Standardized equipment rigging is critical to the safety, success, and effectiveness of technical diver training. The NTEC configuration is required for all SCTD courses.

Back Gas Regulators

  • 7 ft primary hose mounted to right post
  • 22 or 24in secondary mounted to left post, secured with bungee necklace
  • Metal housed SPG attached to left post with proper hose length for clean routing (typically 24in or less)
  • BC inflation hose attached to right post
  • Dry suit inflation attached to left post or additional inflation bottle
  • Apeks Tech 3 Recommended

Harness & Wing

  • Steel backplate
  • Continuous webbing
  • Wing w/40 to 60 pounds of lift for double cylinders - No bungee cord!
  • No pull-dump on inflator hose


  • Double cylinders with Isolation Manifold and bands

Decompression Cylinders

  • Must be Aluminum (Al40s are recommended)
  • 2nd stage regulator on 40 inch hose
  • SPG on 6 inch hose


  • Primary canister mounted on right hip
  • Back-up lights (2) mounted on harness

Other Technical Equipment

  • Low volume mask with black skirt
  • Depth gauge (2)
  • Bottom timer (2)
  • Cutting Device (2)
  • Fins with spring heel straps - No split fins
  • Spool (min 150ft of line) & stainless double-ended snap
  • Surface Marker Buoy of lift bag (min 50lbs of lift)
  • Exposure protection appropriate for the environment


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