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PADI Search & Recovery Certification Course

Wreck padiIt’s been a good dive in less than optimal visibility. You and your buddy are making your way over to the boat when you hear a splash. “My mask!” The trail of small bubbles quickly disappears in the moderate current as Davy Jones’ locker claims another piece of scuba gear. A diver in the water behind you says, “Hey, I have plenty of air. I’ll go get it.” The distraught diver on the boat calls down, “In this current and viz, it could be anywhere by now!” 

“No problem!” And with that the salvage is on. About 5 minutes later our hero resurfaces, mask in hand. How are some divers able to find things so easily? It’s all about the training. The PADI Search And Recovery Specialty will give you the skills and confidence to be able to find submerged objects and safely bring them to the surface. Your instructor will guide you in the procedures and techniques for organizing a search, utilizing effective underwater search patterns, and how to properly and safely use lift devices (pictured.) You’ll also learn how to defeat the problems posed by limited visibility as you practice low-viz scenarios. 

The Search and Recovery Course is not only about finding missing items.  Suppose you are at a dive site that features an underwater monument or a large crack where a spciefic type of fish hangs out. You can use the skills you aquire from this course to help you find the location on your own.  

PADI Search and Recovery definitely falls under the category of "Fun Courses."


  • Advanced Open Water Certification
  • Minimum age: 12 years old

Lift Bag


You'll learn search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques, and potential problems. You'll cover limited visibility, search patterns, and lift devices. You will also learn to use a lift bag, rope, compass, knots, slate, marker buoy, and finger spool to aid you in your searches.


  • PADI Search & Recovery study materials
  • 4 training dives with instructor at local beach
  • PADI "Search & Recovery Certification" card 
  • Scuba rental gear including lift bag

Tuition: $229.00

NOTE: Free certification with total equipment purchase

How do you start? Start by calling 310-398-5759
Print this Continuing Education PDF and bring with you to the dive center.

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 PADI Scuba Diving Courses Los Angeles, California



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