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Scuba News: Spring 2015


You feel that? That my friends, is the sun, and he's here to say that it's scuba season, baby. The water is warming up and NOAA reports look good for great visibility and fantastic diving. Just this last weekend dive reports came in with 63 degree water and 50+ visibility, and the ocean was a vast and perfect blue canvas for underwater photographers. NOAA predicts these conditions will hold until Winter 2015, so we can look forward to a busy scuba season. Join us, this is going to be an epic year. 
Invitation:  PARTY with Surfrider's Graham Hamilton April 7th 7pm
Surfrider Foundation is a volunteer driven organization committed to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. With over 80 chapters worldwide Surfrider is engaged in hundreds of locally led efforts to preserve our coastlines, ensure water quality, reduce the impacts of marine debris, and improve beach access for all. As a volunteer Graham has presented at countless schools and businesses over the years bringing awareness to the dangers of single-use disposables and the culture of convenience that is threatening the health and beauty of our waterways.  MORE>
Join Us on May 6th: Benefit Dinner with Limo Party Bus!
You're invited to the dive event of the year, Chamber Eve! Come join Eco Dive Center in support of the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber for an evening at the Aquarium of the Pacific including dinner, limo-ride, a raffle and awards ceremony.
Chamber Eve is a fundraiser dinner for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, and between the day time and evening festivities, it is the largest single day scuba charity event in the United States. The Chamber on Catalina operates 365 days a year, and about 50% of its yearly budget comes from the Chamber event. The Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber operates solely to serve divers, and while we all hope to never visit the chamber, having one close and readily available is extremely important. 100% of your ticket goes to the Hyperbaric Chamber, and is tax deductible for you! Come help us support our local Chamber!  The evening starts at 7:00pm when.... Go>
Tropical Dive Trip Schedule 2015
Dive the world famous cenotes from the lush rainforests of Tulum and enter into an alien world of crystal clear underwater caverns with massive halls filled with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The cenotes, once a sacred place for the ancient Mayans, are a magical natural wonder unique to this part of the world that provide a fabulous, mysterious and safe diving experience. Go>
Five Quick Tips to Take Better Pictures
There may be circumstances where auto-focus simply won't work, so serious cold-water shooters must learn to embrace manual focusing. Better housings offer the creative control to access either manual or auto-focus, but the lenses typically have to be equipped...   Go>
Wreck Diver Certification on May 2nd and 3rd 
Are you curious about ships that have been claimed by the sea?  Are you a history buff, a photographer, or an thrill seeker?
  Wreck diving means different things to different divers. Some are drawn to the mystery of the ship and how it sank, some thrive for the deeper challenge. Where did it come from? Who sailed aboard her and what happened to them? To others the wreck is an artificial reef where all manner of life congregates and thrives in these man-made niches. Anemones line hulls and railings. Schooling fish dart back and forth and peep around every corner.  The course includes your boat tickets for both days, 4 dives, 4 nitrox tanks, weights, rentals, motel for Saturday night for $579

We now carry xDeep Dive Gear

xDeep produces some of the highest quality tech, side-mount and specialty diving gear out there, and we're proud to carry their products in our shop. xDeep's gorgeously crafted hardware are the choice parts for scuba obsessives looking to build their dream tech kits, ranging from double tank bands to adapter mounts for pony bottles and argon dry-suit inflators. Those looking to explore tech or side-mount diving and the world of diving that it opens up can look to xDeep for their hardware needs. Don't forget, we take your old gear in as trade in.  Go>

The NEW Westerly Dive Boat

She's back with her new owner Joe and Captain Jorge! Originally a dive vessel, she was converted to a fishing boat by her previous owners. Now The Westerly has been completely rebuilt as a dive boat, restoring her to her former glory. 

Complete reDo: New motors, generators, shafts, compressors, galley, top deck, rails, deck, bunks, electrical, props, owner, crew, tanks, benches, the works!    MORE>
Experienced Divers Only - Schedule 2015
Are you looking to get on a boat with fellow advanced open water certified divers like yourself? 
Maybe you dive with a bitchen dive computer with a thick logbook? 
Then you better checkout our "Specialty Dive Schedule" created just for divers you: the experienced ones. 

Explore sites like Farnsworth Wall, Yellow Banks, Pink Ribbon, Little Farnsworth Pinnacle, Wrecks, Blue Cavern, Ship Rock, Flame Reef and many more awesome destinations.
Start by clicking here and booking your tickets ... Go>

A few weeks ago some Israeli divers chanced upon  nearly 2,000 gold coins that had been underwater in the Mediterranean for a millennia. This was the largest hoard of gold coins ever discovered in Israel and theories abound.  Scientists have posited that perhaps it's the remnants of a shipwreck carrying tax money to the central government in Egypt.  Or perhaps the coins were meant to pay military garrison salaries in Caesarea.

Before you start diving shipwrecks looking for buried treasure, take the PADI Wreck Specialty Course. It teaches divers how to safely dive wrecks, which are usually located in deep water. It also teaches divers how to research the history of a wreck and determine the legality of salvaging, so you don't end up on the wrong side of the law.

After that, there are opportunities to search for sunken treasure  like diving the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha in Florida. For $2,500 you get to dive alongside professional underwater treasure hunters and try your hand at finding your very own cache of precious, antique gold coins.

Come join us on May 2 and 3, 2015 for our next Wreck Weekend in San Diego where you can earn your Wreck Specialty certification diving the 366 foot Canadian Destroyer "Yukon."  This could be your first step in being an underwater Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.

Email for more details or call 310-398-5759 to sign up.

Mission Blue

For those of you who haven't watched the scuba-diver-must-see documentary, Mission Blue, time to go Netflix it.  This Netflix original instant streaming documentary tells the epic tale of one woman's journey to save the 'blue heart' of our planet: the ocean.  Yes, the place we scuba divers like to think of as our second home; that amazing underwater world composed of swirling seas and awe-inspiring, alien-like species.


The documentary follows Sylvia Earle, a famous American marine biologist, explorer, author, and lecturer.  For those who haven't heard of her, just a few of her many accomplishments include setting a women's depth record of 1,250 feet,  building robotic subsea systems to explore the deepest parts of the ocean, and becoming the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  


The documentary takes its name from her project: Mission Blue, which aims to establish 'Hope Spots' of marine protected sanctuaries around the globe to help replenish sea life in our diminished oceans.  Overfishing, pollution, invasive species, habitat destruction, acidification, and climate change have tragically run rampant in our precious seas, and Mission Blue seeks to turn back the clock and restore Earth's aquatic legacy.

And now Costco is joining the fight and taking action to redefine the Seafood Retail Industry.  As if you needed another reason to shop at Costco, the warehouse giant has sent a letter to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council urging them to protect the canyons of the Bering Sea from commercial fishing activities.  If you want to have a beautiful ocean to dive in for decades to come, you should support eco-conscious retailers like Costco, and only eat sustainable seafood.


Dive Alert Devices: The Perfect Signaling Tool
Say you're diving with a buddy off Anacapa, cruising around some kelp forests and feeling good. You look to your buddy and you catch a glimpse of a sea lion sneaking up on your buddy, who is busy harassing a lobster. "MMFF! MMMFFFF MMMMFFF!" You say into your reg, pointing wildly, but your buddy has no idea. The sea lion hovers silently before jetting off in the opposite direction. Your buddy completely misses an amazing encounter because you weren't equipped with a signaling device. Dive Alert horns aren't the same as talking, but these convenient devices attach to your low pressure inflator hose and make a loud noise to get the attention of divers around you. Dive Alerts are a favorite among Eco staff, so feel free to ask us for a demo.
SPECIALTY TRIP OF THE MONTH! - Pink Ribbon and Yellow Otter Banks. 
AOW scuba card out of the way? Now you're cleared for some of the gnarlier, more adventurous dives off the coast of California. Here's an awesome must do dive trip on the Peace Dive Boat. Join a limited load of divers to steam Santa Cruz Island for three amazing dives & amazing food. Nitrox is extra but worth it. 
 Buy your three dive ticket here! 
Invasive Lionfish Populations Threaten Atlantic Ecosystems
 As we become a more globalized world, our ecosystems are at greater risk from invasive species. Jet travel, international shipping, and more fluid borders have made it easier for species to jump great distances. One significant threat to reefs in the Atlantic Ocean is the arrival of the Indo-Pacific lionfish. Lionfish sport venomous spines that d
eter predators and become sexually mature in less than one year, making their spread especially rapid. Many of the reefs affected by lionfish invasions have been weakened and made more susceptible to invasive species from other factors such as climate change and overfishing.
So what impact do lionfish have on the environment? Lionfish are generalist carnivores, consuming over 70 different species of fish and invertebrates. Their unspecific diet includes species that are commercially, recreationally, and ecologically important. Lionfish stick to the reefs they move to and have few predators in the Atlantic. Lionfish invasions are a further stressor on reefs that provide local communities with tourist attractions and fishing resources. Unchecked, lionfish can cause significant damage to reefs and the communities that rely on them for their livelihoods.
What can we do to help? Because lionfish spread so quickly and can live in depths over 1000 feet below the surface, complete eradication is very unlikely. Realistic removal goals and community education are the most effective tools against the spread of lionfish. It certainly doesn't hurt that lionfish are delicious as long as their venomous spines are removed, and are indeed a delicacy in the regions where they are endemic to. Saving the environment may be as tasty a pursuit as it is noble. Like invasive sea urchins munching up Californian kelp, Lionfish populations can be controlled with concerted community contributions. Stewardship of our seas is a lifelong commitment, but one that is well worth the effort. For more bites GO>
At the core of every diver is the heart of a conservationist. Our curiosity about the worlds beneath the waves and the creatures that inhabit them has drawn many generations of divers to scuba diving, and we inherit a tradition of protecting the environment that we enjoy every time we dive. At Eco Dive Center believe that we as scuba divers have a unique responsibility to be advocates of the ocean, and we strive to embody that mission in our everyday operations as a dive shop.
Come see the new faces, products, dive boat & adventures at Eco Dive Center  
PADI Advanced Certification
 The Advanced Open Water Course is by far one of the funnest and most popular courses we offer. Are you ready?   In the course you will complete five advanced dives... Go>
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