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Scuba News: April 2014

Head's Up It's Scuba Season!

Living in Southern California means becoming a connoisseur of perfect weather. To other people in other places, our weather is perfect all year long, but any local can tell you that in Spring time, LA's weather crescendos into such a symphony of sunny perfection that you can't help but want to go diving. Lucky for you, we have a lot of new promotions and trips coming up in the next few months, so it's time to enjoy the season and get in the ocean!

Monthly Dive Mixer - Hey local divers it's Corey here, your dive mixer president. Our next dive mixer is coming up on Tuesday, April 1st at 7pm. Our first guest will be Jose of the Santa Monica Aquarium will be speaking about their efforts with Heal The Bay. A South Bay Native, he began his career in aircraft maintenance before becoming a full time aquarist and marine science educator in 1995. Afterwards we will hear from Captain Medina of the Long Beach Dive Team, which is responsible for dive rescue ops and locating and removing navigational hazards in the Long Beach Harbor. All that and raffles, free food, and new dive buddies abound! From 7PM to 9:45PM. All the details

Advanced Dives Now that you've got that AOW card out of the way, you're cleared for some of the gnarlier, more adventurous dives off the coast of California. Farnsworth Pinnacle is a deep wall dive a couple miles off of Catalina, with vast blue vistas and dramatic drop-offs. Currents can be pretty intense, so this is recommended for physically fit divers only. DAN insurance and a healthy logbook is required on this dive. The next dive is coming up May 4th. Sign up here

Earth Day is Coming Up April 22nd It can be tough to be green in LA. Life is fast and sometimes you end up driving 60 miles in a day and you ordered some takeout and it's in one of those styrofoam boxes. Earth Day is a great time to renew your commitment to the environment.

We're all nature lovers and we have a duty to give back to the planet that we enjoy everyday. So start a compost heap, ride your bike, or yell at a litterbug; every little bit helps. Here's a bit of Earth Day trivia. April 22nd was chosen because it was a convenient date that didn't coincide with any religious holidays or tests, but the first Earth Day coincidentally happened on the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's birthday. Some people took this to mean that Earth Day was some kind of Commie scheme to brainwash their children. The more you know!

Earth Day Event: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium will be hosting Earth day festivities on 4-19 from 8AM to 5PM. Celebrate with hands on activities and educational panels on how to be a better citizen of our planet.

The 3D Mesh Drysuit Vest from Waterproof provides proven, new technology for drysuit divers. It's mesh insulation construction keeps a constant "air bubble" to keep you warm in cold waters while providing additional padding from your weights. This vest is great for California divers since it can be extra warm up top but ice cold down below, and it's insulation technology makes it comfortable on deck and under water.

Chamber Day and Chamber Eve 2014Catalina Island's very own hyperbaric chamber is a great resource to divers like us, who would otherwise have to endure hours in a boat before getting to a chamber back on the mainland. A significant portion of its operation costs run from donations, and Chamber Day is its most important fund raiser. Celebrate the chamber's 40th anniversary with dives and donations on Catalina, and a dinner event back at the Aquarium of the Pacific. More information

NEW BAG: I've been hauling my gear around in a post office crate and it sucks pretty bad. The ScubaPro Porter Bag is a much easier way to haul your gear from your car to the boat or even on flights. It's the largest bag that ScubaPro offers, and is built to withstand frequent abuse with off-road style skate wheels, corrosion resistant zipper systems, and a backpack system when rolling isn't an option. Folds into itself for easy storage in the winter.

Yukon Wreck Dive in San Diego We're organizing a wreck dive weekend April 26th and 27th to San Diego's Yukon. You know you've been wanting to do a shipwreck, so this is your chance! The Yukon was a decommissioned Canadian warship that was stripped and turned into a eco friendly reef before being foundered in San Diego's wreck alley. This is an advanced dive, with depths from 55 to 100 feet. If you haven't got your AOW certification yet, this is an exciting way to do it.

Scuba Gear Tune-Ups A stuck inflator valve or sticky regs are a huge bummer, so keep your gear in good condition with our discounted Gear Tune-Ups! Our service is from Thursday to Thursday, just in time for a weekend dive. It's the perfect way to get your gear ready for a summer of diving. Sick of the same ol? We'll give you store credit for your old stuff.

See through skirts!!! Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask

When management asked me to write about a mask that lets you see through skirts, I was a little taken aback. That's a major invasion of privacy, boss! But then I realized that they were talking about the skirt of the mask, which made much more sense. These Cressi masks have translucent rubber skirts to reduce that claustrophobic tunnel vision some other masks can create. The expanded field of vision makes for a more immersive dive and also improves safety. Come through the shop and try a pair on and ask for 25% OFF.

Get a your Advanced Certification free! Sign up for this December's trip to Bonaire and knock out that AOW certification for free. Bonaire's Caribbean marine reserve is one of the best preserved in the world, with warm water and visibility for days. It's also a great opportunity to work on your underwater photography and your tan. Space is limited so sign up soon.

Sea Creature of the Month The Basking Shark is April's Sea Creature of the month. This shark is a personal favorite because it's the second largest fish in existence but is mostly harmless to humans. Like its big brother the Whale Shark, it's a filter feeder and gets its name for generally chilling near the surface and "basking" in the sun. Basking Sharks have long been hunted by humans for its liver oil, meat, and fins, and its unaggressive nature made them easy prey. They are easily identified by their massive size and their tremendous gaping mouths. These fish may be vegetarians, but I know that I'd still freak out if I saw that jaw coming my way.

Get D.A.N. Diver Insured. Don't forget to renew your DAN insurance. A trip to the hyperbaric chamber can cost several thousand dollars a session without coverage, money I bet you'd wish you could spend on a lifetime supply of coconut water. Luckily, DAN insurance has plans for 75 dollars and under a year that will cover not only barotrauma treatment but also equipment loss and trip cancellation. So go ahead and buy that pallet of coconut water from Costco, because you're a responsible diver!
Renew or start here!


Once upon a time, neuroscientists believed that once you became an adult, your brain stopped growing. It became static. That was it. You could add new software (e.g. scuba memories), but you were stuck with the hardware as-is.

We now know that this is absolutely false. Trying new things changes the brain, causing it to build new neural pathways and synapses. This is called neuroplasticity and the process literally makes you smarter and happier! The benefits of neuroplasticity can be yours with as simple and small a thing as trying a new food, reading a new book, or traveling to a new city.

But here at ECO we believe that the best new things to try are SCUBA things!

Sign up for an Advanced Course and try new types of diving like night diving and underwater photography. Your synapses will be firing as much as your camera strobe.

Sign up for the Rescue Course and you will not only build new neural pathways but also build up confidence in your diving and rescuing abilities.

Or simply try diving in a new location like Anacapa if you have not dived there before. We also have a wreck diving weekend in San Diego on the 26th and 27th of April that is designed to make you SMARTER and HAPPIER!


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