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Dive Boat: Sand Dollar in San Pedro California


Berth 77c, San Pedro CA-90731


Sand Dollar

The Sand Dollar was built back in 1974 by the late diving pioneer, Bill Johnston, as a sister vessel to the then-popular Bottom Scratcher dive boat. Both boats where built from the keel up with the express purpose of serving the diving community. The Sand Dollar is 65 feet in length with a 21 foot beam making it one of the larger boats in its class. Captain George prides himself on knowing great dive sites that appeal to the wide variety of passengers that may be on board. Whether a novice, sightseer, photographer, advanced diver or wreck diver, all will have an enjoyable experience!Sand Dollar Aft


General Information

Specs: 65 ft long, 21 ft beam, 73 tons. Double planked mahogany construction.

Bunks: 21 Bunks, 9 doubles and 12 singles: Sleeps 30 Divers on Multi-day Dive Trips

Gases: 3 Compressors, EAN-Nitrox Blending on-board
 (Nitrox is $12.00 per fill)

Tanks: 38 Low Pressure (LP-80 and LP-95) Scuba steel cylinders

Weights: Lead Weights and Belts

Q. What is the parking fee while on a trip aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. Once you have arrived at Port's O'Call Village, look for the yellow sign marked with "Berth 77" and park in this area. All parking is free for the duration of the trip. Please make sure that your vehicle is properly secured before our departure.

Q. What is included for my passenger trip price aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. All trips include a bunk assignment with a pillow, light blanket, three full meals and snacks in between meals, non-alcoholic beverages and a boat load of fun. If it is a SCUBA diving trip, Low Pressure Steel Cylinders are available and lead and weight belts for those passengers who fly into town. Otherwise, we highly recommend you bring your own weights.

Q. Are tips accepted on-board the Sand Dollar?
A. Yes, tipping is a very personal choice and should reflect the level of service you received. We offer a simple guideline. We suggest an average tip of 10-20% of the cost of your trip, with more being acceptable if you so choose. The tips are given to the captain and divided equally among the crew at the end of your trip. We ask that your tips be in cash or travelers checks.

Q. What kind of wetsuit will I need?
A. Southern California is considered to have temperate climate. Water temperature can range form 55F to 65F (13C to 18C). We recommend at a minimum, a 7mm wetsuit and depending on your body build and physiology, more or less rubber to keep you comfortable to enjoy your trip.

Q. What is the bunk arrangement?
A. The Sand Dollar has 21 bunks, 9 doubles and 12 singles. It's first-come first-served with the exception of double bunks, which are reserved for couples or buddies!

Q. What kind of bedding is provided for my bunk?
A. The Sand Dollar only provides a pillow and a light blanket for the bunk. It is highly recommended that you bring a sleeping bag and any additional bedding you desire.

Q. What kind of meals are served on the Sand Dollar?
A. The Sand Dollar provides freshly prepared hearty meals for all of the trips. The menu varies based on the cook's trip plan, a sample of meals that can be served is as follows: pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, toast, cereal, fruit, chili, homemade soup, muffins, salad, pizza, fajitas, tacos, chicken, corn on cob, pasta, pork chops, baked ham, roast beef, ribs, enchiladas, cake, brownies, and ice cream.

Q. Are vegetarian or vegan meals available aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. Yes, special meals will be prepared for passengers that provide a prior notice as to their meal requirements during their check-in process. We ask that you let us know ahead of time about your meal preference and not while we are serving so we can prepare something for you.

Q. Is there a meal service after the last event of the day returning to port?
A. The Sand Dollar will prepare and serve a final meal to the passengers on our way back to the dock, it is included in the trip price.

Q. Are alcoholic beverages sold aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. No. Only non-alcoholic beverages are provided on the Sand Dollar. If you wish to bring your own alcohol it is permissible. We ask that you drink in moderation. Please be aware that no diving will be allowed for any diver who has consumed even a single drop of alcohol.

Q. Can I smoke on the Sand Dollar?
A. Yes, but only on the bow and swim step. We discourage smoking for the obvious health reasons. We ask that our smoking passengers please be considerate of those who may prefer a non-smoking environment.

Q. Can I bring my own cylinder?
A. We encourage you to take advantage of the Low Pressure cylinders on board. However, you can bring your own cylinder, which can be filled at a maximum working pressure of 2400 PSI. Our compressors are setup for low pressure fills. If you do bring a high pressure cylinder, we will not fill your cylinder beyond the recommended 2400 PSI capacity or our equipment.

Q. Are weights and weight belts provided aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. Yes, only for divers who have flown in for a trip. All other divers, local and out of state who drive to the Sand Dollar, are strongly recommended to bring their own lead and weight system.

Q. Are Nitrox fills included in my trip price aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. No, Nitrox is available on board for any Nitrox Certified diver for a fee. Our current rate for Nitrox fills is $12.00/fill.

Q. What kind of support for my photography gear is available aboard the Sand Dollar?
A. Rinse buckets for cameras are available on the stern of the boat near the swim steps. Above the Starboard and Port galley tables, we have placed small shelves to act as recharging stations for electronic devices. The voltage at the charging station is US 110 VAC. You are welcome to use the galley tables to work on your equipment after meals are served and the area is cleared.



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