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PADI Navigation Diver Specialty Certification

Navigator There are few skills as important to a diver than navigation. But getting past the obvious safety issues like being able to get back to the boat, there’s at least oneLearn to Navigate other reason. Wouldn’t you like to impress all your dive buddies by being able to move effortlessly throughout the dive site and always come up exactly where you want? You will be the diver everyone wants to follow!

    Do you remember your open water course? Unless you were lucky enough to be certified in a tropical paradise with limitless visibility, chances are you marveled at how your instructor guided you in a near labyrinth of turns yet came out precisely at the decent line. Underwater navigation isn’t something you’re born with, it comes from techniques that are taught and practiced.
Your Underwater Navigator instructor will teach you about distance estimation, techniques for navigating from natural landmarks as well as compass navigation. You’ll practice using basic navigation skills to relocate a submerged object or position starting at the surface, and you’ll learn underwater map making and application and how to use several navigation patterns. 

   When you complete the course you will have the skills to set out from the shore or a boat and guide you and your buddy through a dive then resurface exactly where you intend. The ability to navigate successfully gives you the confidence to venture farther from the decent lUnderwater Navigationine so you can explore more of the dive site free from the stress that comes from not knowing where you are. More diving, less worrying. 


  • 4 ocean dives with instructor (only 3 if advanced certified)
  • PADI Navigation materials
  • PADI "Navigation Specialty Diver" certification card
  • Scuba rentals
  • 20% OFF navigation gear

Prerequisite: Open Water Diver

$279.00 + boat ticket.


CLASS SPECIAL $199 + Boat Ticket ($135) 


September 9th and 10th only - call ASAP to get your spot before it fills up - limited spots


 ** you get 50% off rentals and nitrox fills

certification with total equipment purchase.

How do you start? Start by calling 310-398-5759
Print this Continuing Education PDF and bring with you to the dive center.

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