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PCH Scuba Diving Site: Malibu Road in Malibu, California

Just a few minutes North of the 10-Freeway, Malibu Road is a dive site that's quick to get to and bustling with an abundance of Marine Life! Prolific Kelp and 90% of all the Marine Life at this site being upwards of 30ft along with numerous Mini-Pinnacles make this a unique site. With easy free parking, choice of two entry points, little to no current and no surface swim; A Scuba Diver could only hope for better visibility! Difficulty Level 6/10 (Beach Entry) Difficulty Level 7.5/10 (Rocky Entry)

Interests: Many Garibaldi, Senoritas, Horn sharks, Cabezon, Lobster, Rockfish, Perch, Spanish Shawl and Opaleye are at this site. Leopard sharks are occasionally seen in, around and near the surf zone. Bat rays, Sheep Crab, Halibut, and White Sea Bass are seasonal here.

Entry & ExitsUse prudent judgement when Beach Diving, perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up! Rocky & extremely slippery substrate to the left (difficult) or sandy beach on the right (easy). Perform an entry within the scope of your training and experience.

Suggestions: Beginner dives will enter a couple houses down on the right, and swim east toward the reef. Look for red-colored kelp-fish in the shallow areas near red kelp. Horn sharks are often hidden or camouflaged at 14-19ft depth. Look in small caves and crevices for rock-fish.  


Best time to Dive: During small or flat North Swells and at High Tide.

Visibility: 8 - 25ft

Warnings: The Entry & Exit can be difficult and downright dangerous in high surf or low tide due to the rocky structure close to shore. The sandy area is often a riptide zone, especially during high tide. Swimming back in against the riptide can be surprisingly difficult. Use caution and prudent judgement.

Depth Recommendations: 10 - 25ft is where most of the points of interest are for this site. The maximum depth for this site is no greather than 35ft.

Safety: Use of a Float, Flag, Anchor and Descent line are required for Beach Diving. Cell Phone, Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kit are always recommended.



Directions: Click on map for GOOGLE MAPdirections


Parking is free on the north side of Malibu road, and is rarely crowded.












Photo of the Malibu Road free parking area on PCH near the Scuba Site.

 by Dylan J. Johnson


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