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Kelp Restoration Diver Certification


 Californians are taught from a young age all the things that make our coast the best coast. From the redwood forests to the pacific coast highway to the double double animal style, we hold these pillars of Californian-ness in high regard. Oddly enough, the kelp forests that line our coastline don’t enjoy the same west coast reverence, despite their beauty and importance to our coastal marine life. In the last century we have lost over 88% of our kelp forest off the California coast as a result of a combination of over harvesting (kelp is an important ingredient for many cosmetics and processed foods) and the overfishing of animals that eat sea urchins. Sea urchin populations have exploded without otters, spiny lobsters, and sheepheads to keep them in check. Urchins now dominate the sea floor, munching on all the kelp holdfasts that keep them anchored to bottom, resulting in the loss of acres of forest.

Thankfully, the folks at Santa Monica Bay Keeper have been running the Kelp Restoration and Monitoring project, which aims to rebuild the kelp forests that a fourth of . The operation depends on the work of volunteer divers and this is a great chance to get involved in a noble cause and go diving at the same time! The Kelp Restoration Specialty will teach divers skills to help restore kelp eco-systems as well as important research techniques to gather data for marine conservationists. Your dives will make a difference for the dive community and for the Californian marine environment as a whole.

Prerequisites: Prior to beginning the Kelp Restoration Specialty the student diver must have successfully completed the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent. The diver must have at least 5 cold water dives logged prior to beginning the Kelp Restoration Specialty.

Objectives: With 1 classroom session, 1 pool session, and 3 ocean dives, the class will teach divers the scientific background behind the kelp ecosystem and the animals that depend on it. Students will learn how to properly identify harmful species and how to properly collect urchins and remove them from the field.

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