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Beach Dive Site: Fisherman's Cove in Laguna Beach, California.

Fisherman's Cove, located in Laguna Beach, lies just south of Shaw's Cove. The beach is small, protected and there are multiple mini-reefs are straight out. The South Side of Fisherman's Cove is a complex, teaming with varied Marine Life rock reef system. Large numbers of Mussels, Urchins, Garibaldi, Kelp Bass, Sea Cucumbers, Starfish, and Gorgonians are common sights at this site. Bat Rays commonly play in the sand! Octopus, Moray Eels, Horn Sharks and Swell Sharks are sometimes seen at night. This dive site is also a great option for Night Diving or a Sunrise Dive! Difficulty Level 6/10.

Interests: There are many crevices, grooves and holes in the reef here which make for an interesting dive. You will find large numbers of Mussels, Urchins, Garibaldi, Kelp Bass, Sea Cucumbers, Starfish, and Gorgonians. Many small fish are on the reef. Bat Rays commonly play in the sand. Octopus, Moray Eels, Horn Sharks and Swell Sharks are sometimes seen at night.

Entry & Exits: Use prudent judgement when Beach Diving, perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up. Sandy entry, use the handrail when traversing the stairs up and down from the parkinglot. Apply a surf entry appropriate to the current conditions and within the scope of your training. 

Suggestions: Beginner dives will enter at the sandy beach, the mini-reefs begins almost immediately.

Best time to Dive: During small - flat South Swells and Slack Tide.

Visibility: 15 - 30ft

Warnings: The Lifeguards can issue tickets for snorkel-less diving, solo diving or diving without a float / flag. It is illegal to approach the Sea Lions on the rocks, apply prudent judgement and maintain a safe distance. At High Tide, the entire beach will be covered by water; Don't leave anything on the beach for any reason. If the tide doesn't get it, the beachcombers will.

Depth Recomendations: 15 - 35ft is where most of the points of interest are for this site. 40 ft is the maximum depth for this dive site. Apply prudent judgement and consideration of your experience level, scope of your training as well as current conditions when planning and executing your dives.

Safety: Use of a Float, Flag, Anchor and Descent line are required for Beach Diving. Cell Phone, Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kit are always recommended.

Click here to see Scott G.'s Fisherman's cove Photos

Directions: Click on map for GOOGLE MAP directions


Parking is difficult, especially on weekends and in the summer. Bring quarters for the meters, thought there is a change machine a few blocks away at Jasmine & Cliff Drive. Parking spot hold (at your own risk) or carpool with your favorite buddy; As a last resort, arrive at the crack of dawn and catch a sunrise!

Photos of the Fisherman's cove Parking lot, and the stairs going down to the dive sites.

by Dylan J. Johnson 


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