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Fish Identification Specialty Certification

Fish IDWreck padiAt Eco Dive Center we’ve always been strong proponents of environmental conservation and enjoyment. Scuba isn’t so much an end as it is a means of exploration and while the process of diving is fun, it’s the extraordinary wildlife and plant life under the water that serves as the main attraction.

The more you know about the underwater environment, the more you can appreciate it and the more strange and fascinating things you’ll actually see. Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car you suddenly see that car everywhere? It’s not because the whole world suddenly had the same notion to buy that car, it’s because you did research and you studied the car and as your knowledge increased, so did your awareness. The same thing happens when you learn more about undersea wildlife.

In the Fish Identification Diver Specialty Course you will learn about a variety of species with special emphasis on those that call our Channel Islands home. Your instructor will take you through the techniques for successful identification as well as showing you how to safely interact with marine life in an eco-friendly way.

Dive planning, organization and survey techniques are important components of the course. You’ll practice buoyancy skills in order to effortlessly position yourself so you can watch what’s going on around you without being distracted by trying to keep from bouncing off the bottom. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll find that you’re not only seeing more on every
dive, but you’re a better overall diver as well.

Fish Class


  • Open Water Diver
  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • Current logbook

During your Fish Identification Diver Specialty course you'll... 

  • Learn different characteristics of local fish species 
  • Survey techniques
  • Dive planning, organization and procedures
  • You'll practice buoyancy skills

What's Included...

  • Two dives with Instructor
  • Local fish ID slate
  • Fish ID Specialty certification card

Tuition: $299 ON SALE $149.50  See Course Schedule on Google Calendar

How do you start? Start by calling 310-398-5759 and print this Continuing Education PDF and bring with you to the dive center. 

 PADI Scuba Diving Courses Los Angeles, California

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