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Farnsworth Wall Diving On Backside Catalina Island, California

"Farnsworth Banks" or also know as "Farnswoth Wall" or even "Farnsworth Pinnacles" is a very popular site for advanced divers. The dives and boat ride can be a bit challenging so have a few dives under your belt is a must. Experienced divers with DAN diver protection and healthy logbook required at check-in.  
Located: This site is located 2 miles off the southwest side of Catalina Island.
Warning: The diving is deep, and currents can be strong so advanced fitness and skills are needed. Deep wall with possibilities of down currents on extreme tidal changes.
Rating: The diving is rated "excellent" this site always gets a big fat 10 by avid California divers.
Features: Breath taking drop offs, clear blue water, Purple California Hydrocoral, Lingcod, nudibranchs, and the many Torpedo Rays with a few sightings of Yellow Tail and other Pelagics.
Tips: Get there early because boats battle for best position, pack snacks and be prepared for a longer than normal boat ride. 

Torpedo Rays are almost always seen feeding at the North Wall.

Hydrocoral at Farnsworth id healthy and strong. Ling-cod resting on hydrocoral is a common site to see.


Map of Farnsworth Banks

Maps are not to be used for navigational purposes.

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