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Dive Boat: Explorer






Go diving on the Explorer and experience the best boat diving California has to offer! The Explorer is one of Southern California's leading dive charters, with great food, free air fills and an eco conscious staff.


General Information

Length Over All: 65ft
Bunks: Sleeps 20
Gases Available: Air Only


Food and Beverages

All open boat trips (single and multi) day include food and beverage in the price of the fair. The Explorer has a fully stocked galley providing the breakfast, snacks, lunch and all types of drinks...including coffee, soda, juice, water, etc. Breakfast will be served as we make the channel crossing to the islands on a single day boat, the lunch order will be announced before the second dive and snacks will be served in between. We do not allow alcohol to be brought onto the boat, and it can only be purchased on board after the last dive.


Air Fills
All of our trips (unless otherwise specified) include air fills. At this time, Nitrox is NOT available aboard the Explorer.
Bunk Room
The Explorer provides accomodations below decks for up to 20 people.


Personal Items

For single and multi day open boats trips your personal items are your own responsibility to bring aboard the boat, this includes all divers and passengers. Some of these items can include: dry bag, dry towels, change of clothes, comb or brush, sunscreen and so on. Make sure to also not forget any seasick medication. All dry gear bags can be stowed on the forward area of the stern where the shelves are located against the cabin area, this is for dry-gear only. Other dry bags can be stowed in the bunk area for single and multi-day trips. Bunks are available on a first come first serve basis (please try to save the dual-bunks for couples). If you are with a charter make sure to get your bunk assignment from your charter group before taking a bunk.


Diving Equipment

Please be sure to bring all the necessary dive gear for your trip including tanks, weights and your 'C' Card, a Dive Computer is highly recommended. It is also recommended that you bring normal safety equipment like: Dive Alert, Safety Sausage and a Whistle. Eco-Friendly Light Sticks are required for Night Diving and can be purchased from the shop. If you need rental equipment, feel free to inquire with the shop at 1-310-398-5759.



Please be prepared to pay $3 for parking. Boat Address is 200 Aquarium Way  Long Beach Ca 90802

 Explorer Parking

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