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DUI Drysuit Demo Day at Catalina Island on March 8th or 9th

DUI Demo DayWe are very excited about our DUI DEMOTOUR event on an island that is home to some of the best diving in Southern
California. As the city of Avalon, Catalina Island is a desirable destination itself, not to mention how much fun it is to demo drysuits and hang out with the
DUI/Eco gang, we hope you will make a weekend of it and do lots of diving with us!

• Your basic diver certification card
• Credit card or drivers LicenseDiver Unlimtied International
• Swimsuit or lightweight clothing
• Regulator Set
• Mask & Snorkel Set
• Open Heel Fins
• Weights (plus a little extra if you have them)
• Tank (s)
• A very small towel to dry your damp hair

- All divers must fill out liability and rental forms for DUI and Eco Dive Center prior to diving.
- Remmeber to book you round trip tickets ahead of time with Catalina Express Online.

When you arrive, check in at the registration table and present your certification card and driver’s license.
We’ll fit your regulator with a drysuit hose then you will set up your tank, BC, regulator and weights so your dive equipment is ready to go. It is common for people to need a few extra pounds so bring it along if you have it. There is a rental and air station onsite as well as full service dive stores in town. Then it’s off to each station where the DUI Crew will fit you with ZipSeals, DiveWear Insulation, DUI Drysuit, RockBoots and more. We have DUI Weight & Trim Systems, Hoods, ZipGloves and even extra fins if yours don’t fit. At the water’s edge, you will be assigned a dive guide who will show you the basics of how to use the drysuit and take you for a dive. You will stay above 40’ and only do what you feel comfortable doing. After returning the equipment, have some
lunch then do it again! The more dives you do in a drysuit, the more comfortable and confident you will be … and the more fun you will have!

Tickets to DUI Demo Event: All you have to do is click DUI Drysuitsto receive you ticket in the mail.

1. Drysuit rental with undergarments
2. Proper sizing with professional
3. Dive (or two) with drysuit instructors.
4. Free rentals (from Eco Dive Center day before) like your BCD, Weights and tank. Remember that you have to pick the free rentals from Eco Dive Center the day before.
5. Free boat tickets and discounts to participants, when you're ready to purchase. (at Eco Dive Center)
6. Earn your Drysuit specialty at 50% off during the event. Call ahead to get your online SDI Drysuit code.

Questions? Call Beth at 310 880 1527 (9am to 8pm PDT)

DUI Fact Sheet



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