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Diving Seafan Grotto on Catalina Island, Sothern California

Schools of black perch swim in the grotto.

Sea fan grotto is a popular dive site at Catalina due to it being a CA State protected reserve.

The "Grotto" is a small cavern filled with Gorgonians.

This site always has healthy kelp due to a consistant current in the shallow areas. You'll see Blacksmith, Senoritas and Garibaldi. Rare nudibranchs have been found at 30ft and 70ft deep. Look for Moray Eels hidden in the rocks 30ft-45ft

Rocky structure cascade down to 75 or 80ft. Abalone, scythe butterfly fish, and black-eyed gobies are found here. Torpedo Rays and Angel Sharks will be on the sandy flats.

Location: Front side Catalina Island, east of two harbors & the chamber, just east of Blue Caverns
Diving Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Marine Life: B+
Photography: Good B+ - Wide angle for Kelp, large schooling fish, gorgonians)
Depths: 10ft - 75ft



Small scorpionfish can be found at the deeper depths.







Giant Kelpfish


Look for giant kelpfish in the shallow areas.



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