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PCH Scuba Diving Site: Nicholas Canyon in Malibu, California.

Located in Malibu and adjacent to PCH, Nicholas Canyon is not frequently visted like other spots in Malibu. It has the added attraction of being mostly undisturbed by droves of Scuba Divers; So the eco system is overflowing with life. Nicholas Canyon has a great, large area to explore filled with most Reef and Inshore Fish such as Blacksmith, Senoritas, Sand Bass, Perch, Opaleye, Halfmoons, Spanish Shawl, and Kelp Rockfish being common sights here. You can expect to see great varied Marine Life, so bring your Fish ID Slates! The facilities are good and the entry is a Sandy Beach. The Reefs are large, shallow and a short swim from the Beach. Difficulty Level 6/10.


Interests: Blacksmith, Senoritas, Sand Bass, Perch, Opaleye, Halfmoons, Spanish Shawl, and Kelp Rockfish. Lucky divers will see Bat Rays, Angel Sharks, Guitarfish, Thornback Rays, and other Rockfish species.

Entry & Exits: Sandy beach. You have to walk down a ramp and a flight of stairs. Apply a surf entry appropriate to the current conditions and scope of your training. Use caution and prudent judgement when climbing on or around sandy rocks, stairs, ramps etc. It can be slippery in wet or dry Scuba gear!

Suggestions: Reefs and kelp forests are either to the left or right of the beach. The best reefs are past 30ft depth, and they are a long swim out.

Best time to Dive: During small south swells and high tide. Visibility is best from late Summer through early Winter.

Visibility: 18 - 35ft

Warnings: Entry can be hazardous during large south swells. Use prudent judgement when Beach Diving, perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up.

Depth Recommendations: 18 - 40ft is where most of the points of interest are for this site.

Safety: Use of a Float, Flag, Anchor and Descent line are required for Beach Diving. Cell Phone, Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kit are always recommended.


Dive Site Photos

Directions: Click on map for GOOGLE MAP directions

Parking: Parking is $2 - $6, but plan to bring extra cash and coin just in case. It rarely fills up due to another large lot near PCH. Nice bathrooms and showers are available.

 parking parking









Photos of the Nicholas Canyon Parking lot, and the path going down to the dive sites.

  by Dylan J. Johnson


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