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Deep Diver Certification

 Looking for wrecks or dives sites beyond 60 or 80 feet? Do you want a more extensive knowledge of diving theory?Deep Diver

 As an Advanced Open Water Diver, you’ve been confined to a maximum operational depth of 100 feet. Sure there’s a lot to love in that range, but 100 feet is still only scratching the surface of what diving has to offer you. There’s a mystique to the deep and when you’re a new diver just breaking through that 60-foot barrier feels like you’re exploring to a new realm.  The allure of going deep doesn’t end when you’ve been there once. There are wrecks, unique coral and fish—sights you won’t find anywhere else. Ask experienced deep divers and you’ll hear the enthusiasm in their voices as well as the respect for the serious nature of deep diving.

 In the Deep Diver course you’ll learn about the physiology of pushing beyond the 100-foot range. Under the supervision of instructors who have the training and experience to guide you, you’ll venture into the deep water and discover first hand what’s there. After completing the course you will be prepared to plan deep dives down to the recreational limit of 130 feet and you’ll know how to manage the special challenges of being there.


  • Advanced certified with logged deep dive. (certified by any agency like SDI, NAUI, SSI and CMAS)
  • Minimum age: 18 years old


Deep Diver Course is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of diving between the depths of 80 and no deeper than 130 feet. The Deep Diver course is intended to serve as a safe, supervised introduction to deeper diving within the limits of recreational diving.


  • Three ocean deep dives with instructors
  • Deep diver materials
  • Rentals gear at 50% off
  • Deep Diver Certification card

 $259 ( Call for $100 OFF special events)

How do you start? Start by calling 310-398-5759 or write to - Subject: Deep Diver Certification

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