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Santa Monica Pier Underwater Clean Up Dive
  Yes Eco Dive Center is hosting another underwater clean up dive on Coastal Clean Day, BUT this one is the grand'ol daddy of clean-up excursions.  All you have to do is call, get yourself on the roster and that's it! You'll be diving the Santa Monica Pier! Only once a year us div ...

Dive Site: Staircase, Malibu, LA County, Southern California
Staircase is located in Malibu, CA and is one of our most remote dive sites. Staircase is named after the grueling hike up and down the steep cliff path, thus the local nickname "heart attack hill". The diver who overcomes and survives these challenges can be rewarded with an amazing, beautiful ...

Vet's Park, Redondo Beach, California
GPS: 300 George Freeth Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277Veteran's Park, located in Redondo Beach is one of the best dives in Los Angeles County. It has the easiest entry and exit points along with easy parking. Classes are often held here on the weekends and a local dive club called div ...


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