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   At Eco Dive Center we’re dedicated to the lifestyle of scuba diving and to the community that embraces that lifestyle of safe diving practices. Look through the bios of our team and you’ll see a recurring PADI PADItheme. For all of us, diving is our passion and teaching others to dive is what we live for.

  Our instructors and divemasters are certified to teach scuba diving through the industry's major certifying agencies. In fact, all of our instructors hold multiple training credentials and can teach virtually any course offered by any certifying agency. Our professionals hold the knowledge and experience to help make you one of California's best divers.
Whether you're trying scuba for the first time or you're going for instructor certification, we have a team member who will instruct and inspire you every step of the way. 
For all of its diversity, the underwater environment is under siege. An integral part of our mission is to help educate, protect and conserve these fragile ecosystems.
At Eco Dive Center our goal is to train divers in marine life awareness as well as how to be better underwater explorers. 


Ronald Ronald, Instructor / Co-Owner

Rank: USCG Boat Captain 100T, PADI Course Director, SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI Instructor, DAN Instructor, UICC46 LA County Instructor, EMT 2, Shop Staff: Full-Time, Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Technical, Nitrox, Deep, Night, Search & Recovery, Wreck, Rescue and occasional beginner courses
Student Certifications: 2800+
Bio: I grew up and started diving here in Los Angeles when I was a youngster and here I am, diving every weekend. But after diving throughout the years I began to notice a change in the local eco-system. Less fish at our local reefs, no more Otters, no more Abalone, less Giant Sea Bass and an unbalanced Kelp-Forests due to warming waters. Fueled by my love of diving and concern for our reefs I started volunteering in the Kelp restoration projects and teaching ecological courses. Now Eco Dive Center is my home, the first solar powered dive shop with the best eco-minded dive team. I've taught diving all over the world and I have never seen such a fun group of energetic, strict on safety and dedicated eco-minded teammates.
My Gear: All Aqua Lung, Suunto and Apeks dive gear

Elizabeth Elizabeth, Instructor / Co-Owner / Travel Agent

Rank: USCG Boat Captain 100T, SDI Instructor Trainer, Emergency Responder Instructor, Technical Diver, DAN Instructor, PADI Master Instructor, Shop Staff: Full-Time, Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Instructor for 18 different specialties, Beginners, Advanced, Rescue, Dive master and Instructors
Student Certifications: 1400+
Bio: There are three things I love most about diving. Teaching swimming, snorkeling and bubble making to the community's young future divers lets me share my passions with our next generation. I also enjoy traveling & diving the world, I've been to amazing reefs like Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Cancun & Cozumel, Thailands Similan Islands, Fiji, Costa Rica and the famous Galapagoes... but our SoCal Islands are still my favorite. Our waters have the some of the most biodiversity in the world & that gives me lots to teach. So, look out for my "Eco Diver Specialty Course" that I'm creating. I also love watching people change because of scuba diving. Transform another human being & change a life for the better - forever. This is why I love my jobs... co-owner of Eco, travel agent, scuba instructor and volunteer diver for organizations like Heal the Bay and AWARE. Lots of jobs... but I love it!

Jordan Jordan ,

Rank: PADI Certified Assistant Instructor, Shop Staff: Shift Manager, Full-Time, Sales/Gear Guru,
Bio: I grew up around water and began swimming at an early age. At 14 I won a trip to Cozumel and began my diving certification. After graduating from college my love for diving was reinvigorated. I started working in the shop and after months of watching students come in and out excited about diving I knew that it was time to jump back into it.

Jason Jason,

Rank: SDI Divemaster, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Part-Time, Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginner, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster, Shark Conservation Diving
Student Certifications: 100+
Bio: At the age of 10 I attended CIMI - Catalina Marine Institute and I instantly knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to all things ocean. Started out free diving and eventually moved to scuba. It has been downhill from there. I have dove all over the world my favorites being Western Australia (Wobbegong Sharks!) and the Kelp Forests here in California. I specialize in fish identification and marine life. I am particularly interested in sharks. I love diving with them and educating people on how to protect them. I have a distinctive specialty in Shark Conservation Diving. My goal is to get my students as excited about the ocean and diving as I am.
My Gear: ScubaPro Knight Hawk BCD, Aqua Lung regs, Atomic Cobalt Dive Computer, ScuaPro Nova Scotia Semi Dry Suit.

Josh Josh,

Rank: PADI Certified Assistant Instructor, Shop Staff: Part-Time, Sales/Gear Guru,
Bio: Coming soon

Tim - Lead Instructor Tim - Lead Instructor ,

Rank: PADI Instructor Trainer, SDI Instructor Trainer, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Team Captain, Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: All the core PADI classes and some additional specialties like, Nitrox and Photo. Fluent in Mandarin
Student Certifications: 700+
Bio: Growing up on a tiny island in Southeast Asia, it is ironic that I was an aquaphobe till my early twenties. Refusing to give in to my irrational fear of the water, I decided the best course of action was to do something extreme. During summer break in 1999, I traveled to a tiny island in Malaysia, and got certified as an Open Water Diver. Since then, it has been an amazing odyssey which has brought me diving all over the world. Now I want to share my love of the underwater realm with students eager to jump into the water and explore. Few things can compare to the satisfaction of seeing a wide eyed student brimming from ear to ear after their first encounter with a playful sealion. I love all types of diving; wreck diving in Florida and in San Diego, Drift diving down the Colorado and in Cancun, muck diving in Redondo Beach and Lembeh Straits, wall diving in Roatan and in Sipadan, and of course reef diving in Catalina and in the Great Barrier Reef. But one of my favorite types of diving is swimming thru the kelp forests off our California coast. It is like a magical hike through an enchanted Redwood forest with the sun beams shining through between the trees…only underwater!
My Gear: My Gear: Only the best gear for me! Suunto D9 computer with wireless transmitter, Scubapro Seahawk BCD, Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme Regulator, Scubapro Nova Scotia semi dry wetsuit and Scubapro Everdry Neoprene drysuit. Also, Hollis Bat Fins and Aqua Lung Teknika Mask. Canon G10 camera with Canon Underwater Housing and Sea&Sea YS01 strobe.

George George ,

Rank: USCG Boat Captain 100T, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Repair Tech, Emergency Responder Instructor, Commercial Diver, Shop Staff: Part-Time,
Qualified to Teach: Search and Recovery, Beginners and Commercial divers.
Student Certifications: 280
Bio: I’ve been a Waterman since the early 70’s as a teenager when I first learned to surf in Malibu and scuba dive in the Virgin Islands. Over the years, and since I graduated Cal Maritime Academy, as a Captain I’ve spent a lot of time all over the Pacific Ocean working , surfing and diving. And in the last 20 year as a commercial diver, I’ve worked Alaska, West Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. Over 10years ago I meet Ron and Beth in a dive shop where Rod taught me to become a PADI Instructor and I am very happy to return to the staff of ECO Dive Center.
My Gear: USNR: Retired Lieutenant Commander USCG: Master 1600T open oceans ADC: SSA Diving Supervisor, Mix Gas Diver, SSA Diver

Dave Dave,

Rank: NAUI Instructor, PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, UICC LA County Instructor Trainer, NAUI Instructor, SSI Instructor 5000Pro, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Everything!
Student Certifications: Trillions
Bio: Dave Bunch certified as a basic SCUBA diver in 1962. In 1964 Dave completed the L.A. County's 13TH Underwater Instructors Certification Course (13 U.I.C.C.) and began teaching-certifying divers the very next day. That same year, the first L.A. County Advanced Diver Program started and Dave staffed the first through the 40Th as a dive master and assisted in all other ADP's to date. He has also staffed 14 U.I.C.C.'s as an instructor dive master. Awards over the years are many and include: Outstanding Service as an Instructor to the Underwater Program ( 1967), Outstanding Underwater Instructor (1972, Conrad Limbaugh Award (1993), Presidents Award (1988) and was the recipient of the California SCUBA Service Award (2006). Dave also served on the Board of Director's for the Underwater Instructors Association for many years, and participates in the 3R's Program. He leads three snorkel tours, two days a week at Catalina Island. Dive interests include teaching Basic SCUBA(open water), Intermediate and Advanced Diving Courses, diving for Jade, Spear fishing, game taking, photography, fresh water lake and river diving and Search and salvage diving. Dave worked aboard Princess Cruises (The Love Boat) for ten years teaching crew members and with Astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory for three years while working at The Boeing Company. Previous to that he was in charge of diving operations for Garrett Air Research Mfg. Co. with the first space walks for the Gemini program.
My Gear: ScubaPro, Xcel, Atomic and Zeagle.

Bob Bob,

Rank: PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners and Advanced Courses
Student Certifications: 200+
Bio: Scuba diving is something that I always wanted to do. Finally got around to it mid 2005 because I was going to Hawaii and I wanted to be able to see coral reefs and sea life up close. I've been diving ever since. For me, it was one of those things that hooks you and then reels you in. Like many others, I couldn't get enough and continued training and diving. After Advanced, CPROX, Rescue, Master Scuba Diver, and some Technical Diver certs, I decided to become a Divemaster. A few years later, I completed instructor training and now I get to introduce this sport to many others. Besides diving in Hawaii, I've also dived in Cozumel, Catalina Island, many of the other Channel Islands, and many dive sites up and down the California coast. Boat dives, beach dives, drift dives, warm water, cold water; I love it all.

Corie Corie ,

Rank: Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Student Certifications: 300+
Bio: Raised by a Caribbean fanatic, I spent my childhood traveling the Caribbean seas, snorkeling, fishing and boating. My passion for the ocean was innate and I knew that I had to try diving. As an adult I traveled to the islands of Belize to take my Open Water course, I was hooked. While diving there my Dive Master told me that I absolutely had to travel to this little island in Honduras called Utila. Honduras I thought? Hmm.. sounds dangerous, Is it worth it? Well, I took the Dive Master's advice because he said it would change my life and boy was he right. I was excited and nervous, wondering if i'd made a mistake, but if there's one thing to know about me- it's that i'm always up for an adventure. With my first step off the ferry in Utila I knew I was there to stay. The island was vibrant, the sea was beautiful and the people were loud and fun. I was home. I immediately enrolled in my Advanced Open Water course and before I knew it I was training to become a Dive Master. Once that was completed it was time to head back to the US. Feeling accomplished I sadly backpacked my bags, but I had a feeling that my island life wasn't done. Upon my return to the states, I quit my job, packed up, grabbed my dog and headed back to Utila to continue my undersea adventures. Within two weeks I was back on the island and taking my Instructors course and haven't stopped diving since. I spent nearly two years on that tiny island and loved every minute. Diving has changed my life and the greatest reward I have is seeing it change the lives of my students. The smiles and stories I can give people makes being an Instructor the best job on earth. I am now back in California and more than looking forward to exploring the Pacific.
My Gear: ScubaPro and Aqualung stuff.

Heather Heather,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up in California I've always had a love for the ocean and the life within. During a trip to Belize, while snorkeling, I noticed the divers below and thought "I want to be there . . . where the fish are!!". And of course who doesn't want to be the Little Mermaid? So I decided to take the leap and get certified and that decision has forever changed my way of life. Diving is a passion and something I want to pass onto others. And while diving in the tropics is fun and warm, it doesn't compare to the crisp blue waters off the Channel Islands in the winter months.

Lacie Lacie,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Pro
Bio: I "discovered" SCUBA in 2007 and have been hooked since. I had such an awesome instructor (thanks Beth!), fun classmates, and loved the SoCal environment that I went straight to Advanced. I followed that with a few specialties (Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck, Enriched Air, etc., etc., etc.) and then completed my Rescue, DM, and Instructor courses. In addition to the stellar kelp forests and sea life here in SoCal I really enjoy destination diving! I love to travel and have been diving in Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, and the Sea of Cortez. Eco puts together some excellent tropical dive trips so check out the schedule and sign up!

Jing Jing,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Divemaster
Bio: After years of snorkeling I finally decided that it was time to take the leap and got certified right here in California just before a trip to Tahiti to swim with the sharks! I have dove all over the world since but nothing quite beats the beautiful California kelp forest. My passion for diving has led me to be a dive volunteer at two aquariums and for surveys of the rocky reefs. Diving is my peaceful escape from daily life and I look forward to introducing you to the world beneath the waves.

Thomas Thomas,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Pro
Bio: Thomas caught the diving bug on vacation in St Lucia and has since dipped his toes (and fins) in waters all around the world. As a commercial director he's been lucky enough to film underwater scenes for ads in Italy, Qatar and Honduras. Besides teaching he also started Special Ops Scuba, a company that brings military-style diving to recreational divers.

Steven Steven,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Bio: I've always loved the water, and after years of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge to do my first SCUBA open water class on a whim during a vacation in 2011, and haven't looked back since. I've been diving all over the world, but love SoCal diving, and would love to show you the benefits. I'm a total gearhead, and I welcome any questions you have about all the cool stuff we get to use on all our dives.

Brian Brian,

Rank: PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: PADI OWSI, SDI DM, Drysuit, Wreck, UW Photo, Nitrox, and Deep Fluent Mandarin
Bio: Grew up in Taiwan, never really had an opportunity to learn how to swim, and was afraid of the water till I came over to the states. With some inspiration from my anesthesia mentor at UCLA I was braved the waters and did some discovery scuba at Australia's great barrier reef during one my conferences. Ever since, I was hooked forever to continue exploring the underwater world. I attempted to finish my open water here at California, but was turned down due to my poor ability to swim. I trained hard and got my certification! The more I dive, the more hunger I have for underwater exploration, and gain a passion to spread my addiction to all my friends! I also love photography land or under water, and would love to help you further your enthusiasm for photography as well!

Saif Saif,

Rank: SDI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Pro
Bio: Bio coming soon.

Alex Alex,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Pro
Bio: Alex is a well-assimilated "transplant" from recently tumultuous Ukraine. He moved to Los Angeles nine years ago and is the living embodiment of the American dream. His teenage infatuation with SCUBA diving from a Discover SCUBA course in the Red Sea, culminated into his Open Water certification in the warm waters of Hawaii. Since then, he has cut his diving teeth in the cold and murky Catalina waters and traversed the world in search of the ultimate dive adventures. Passionate diver himself, Alex is excited to introduce beginners into the sport and help certified divers advance their skills and safety. Above water, he tolls away day and night in the office as a junior investment banker. Fortunately for him, his office faces the ocean, which serves as the ever present motivator for the endless pursuit of new dive experiences.

Dylan Dylan,

Rank: Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Bio: My life begins in the water. My parents threw me in the water and I was swimming before I could walk. Growing up in Southern California, I've been in, on or around the water and the great outdoors my entire life. Boating, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Surfing and bugging my parents to let me get certified for SCUBA since I watched my first Sea Hunt episode. When I was thirteen, I became a certified diver and haven't stopped diving since. Actually, I can't remember the last time any of my dive gear was dry. I've always associated SCUBA with freedom; The freedom to exist beneath the surface of the water away from all the technology and complications of the world. Becoming a certified diver is the first step in exploring the last frontier and unlimited adventure!

Mike Mike,

Rank: PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales/Gear Guru,
Bio: Grew up in Colorado and Montana where there wasn't much diving but always had an interest. During College I tried it out and became hooked. After moving to California I got certified right away and dove every weekend off the beaches in SoCal. Just being around professional divers I developed the interest to be an instructor and continue my diving career. Now I enjoy showing others the skills they need to discover a whole new world of fun. I like diving in Kelp and diving in Mexico where the water is clear and warm.

John John,

Rank: PADI Course Director,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners to Instructors
Bio: One California's most well know and respected scuba instructors. He'll teach you right by following all the rules. He'll also show the best time in your life.
My Gear: All ScubaPro

Dan Dan,

Rank: HSA Instructor, SDI Instructor Trainer, Emergency Responder Instructor, DAN Instructor, Shop Staff: In-Active Duty, Sales/Gear Guru,
Student Certifications: 400+
Bio: I got interested in scuba diving in the early 90’s after a vacation to the Cayman Islands. Not certified yet, I spent the vacation snorkeling and wishing I could stay down longer with the marine life. By the next vacation I was certified and have been actively diving since. After many years of diving I became a Divemaster in 2001. I started a local dive club that grew to several hundred members. The dive club had one important theme, that being, continue your diving education and be a safe and active diver. The dive club enabled me to utilize my Divemaster skills by being a mentor to many new divers, and, by taking new divers and having them gain experience through active diving. On a professional level I enjoyed Divemaster duties, especially during open water classes. In 2007 before I knew it I was a PADI instructor. Since that time I focused on teaching advance courses through Divemaster. I look forward to the challenge of teaching new students at Eco Dive Center and watching these same students learn as they progress through their diving careers by continuing their education and remaining active divers.
My Gear: My gear: I have a lot of gear. All the cool s**t, just ask and I'll tell you why I dive in all the cool s**t.

Nathan Williams Nathan Williams,

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency Responder Instructor, Shop Staff: In-Active Duty,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners
Bio: I started diving in 2008 in the cold water of the central California coast and never thought I would dive California again. After moving to southern California in 2012 I started diving the "warm" waters. I did y DM with Eco and am now proud to join the team



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