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All Divers welcomed to join Diver Night

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    Welcome to our monthly "Diver Night" schedule! Diver Night is always scheduled for every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. This is an "open-to-everyone" event. You're invited and so are all of your dive buddies. There is no cover, no membership, and no charges of any kind. Come and enjoy a night of dive entertainment and education on us! We even provide BBQ tacos in the parking lot. Join the fun. 

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See Our Next Speakers:

June 6th at 7 PM Mark Strickland - Blue Water Dive Travel and Photo
Mark Strickland

Presentation Topic: Fiji's Underwater World - Amazing and Accessible

Bio: Mark Strickland’s life-long connection with the sea has included over 10,000 dives and careers as a lifeguard, boat captain and scuba instructor. His passion for underwater photography has led him to many top dive destinations, including Thailand, where he spent 17 seasons as Cruise Director / Photo-Pro on a series of live-aboard vessels. He currently lives in Southern California, but specializes in the tropical Indo-Pacific, as well as many other destinations worldwide. 

Strickland’s favorite subjects range from tiny invertebrates to reefscapes to big animals like sharks and whales. Throughout his body of work, Mark strives to reveal the essence of his subjects, with an emphasis on color and form, as well as unusual behavior and interspecies relationships. He also seeks to create awareness of marine conservation issues by focusing on threatened species and delicate habitats, many of which are disappearing at an alarming rate. An avid marine naturalist, Mark has discovered several nudibranch species, including his namesake, Halgerda stricklandi.

 Mark's images and articles have appeared in many magazines and books around the world, including BBC Wildlife, Conde Nast Traveler, Geo, National Geographic World, Natural History, Nature’s Best, Ocean Realm, Outside, and most major dive magazines. Mark is also co-author and primary photographer of Lonely Planet’s award-winning book, “Diving and Snorkeling Thailand”. His images have also been featured at the Smithsonian Institution, United Nations Visitor Center, and galleries including G2 in Venice, CA. Mark serves in various roles at Bluewater Photo, and leads several international trips each year to his favorite dive destinations for their sister company, Bluewater Dive Travel. For a sampling of Mark’s work, visit


July 4th at 7 PM Closed for Holiday -
Closed for Holiday

August 1st at 7 PM Heather Burdick - Santa Monica Bay Marine Programs Manager
Heather Burdick

Speaker: Heather Burdick, Marine Programs Manager at Santa Monica Bay Foundation 

The Bay Foundation

Nearly two million people live in the Santa Monica Bay Watershed stretching from Ventura County to Palos Verdes, from the Santa Monica Mountains and Griffith Park, to Baldwin Hills and out to the sea.

More than 5,000 species of animals, fish, birds and plants make their home in the Bay and the Bay Watershed.

And millions of people visit this area from around the world.

The Bay Foundation (TBF)—also known as the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation—is a 501(c) 3 non-profit environmental group founded in 1990 to restore and enhance Santa Monica Bay and local coastal waters.  TBF is staffed by science and policy experts who are passionate about understanding and protecting the Bay and the Bay watershed, and all the benefits that a healthy ecosystem can provide all those who use and enjoy it.

TBF works with a broad group of stakeholders, including government agencies, environmental groups, local communities, industry and scientists, to create and put into action innovative policies and projects that clean up our waterways, create green spaces in urban areas, and restore natural habitats both on land and underwater, such as wetlands and kelp forests.

TBF is part of the U.S. EPA’s Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program (NEP)—learn more about estuaries HERE.  The SMBNEP is one of 28 similar programs established under Section 320 of the 1987 Clean Water Act and administered by the U.S. EPA.

As part of the SMBNEP, TBF is the non-profit partner of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Authority, and is focused on research, education, planning, cleanup efforts, and other priorities identified in the SMBNEP’s Bay Restoration Plan (BRP), a publicly-adopted comprehensive plan of action for protecting and restoring Santa Monica Bay. For more information on the entire SMBNEP, please visit the Background page.

Since we began, TBF and the implementation of the BRP have made massive improvements to the human and environmental health of the region.  Please Explore our work to learn more.


Heather Burdick - Executive Assistant, Marine Programs Manager

Heather Burdick earned her B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Conservation Biology from UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. As the Executive Assistant and Marine Programs Manager for The Bay Foundation, she supports the Marine Programs Group on various projects involving research, monitoring and ecological restoration. She has worked on restoration projects and water quality monitoring throughout the Santa Monica Bay watershed since 2005 and has been working for the Foundation as an independent consultant since 2011 on the Rainwater Harvesting Program and Aerial Monitoring of Ocean Vessels.

Topic: Kelp Forest Restoration and more!

Raffle Prizes:

Micro SD memory chip

PADI swag

5mm Poseidon Dive Gloves


September 5th at 7 PM Captain John Kades - County Coroner
Captain John Kades

Special Guest: John Kades

Presentation Topic: Most Common Ways Divers Die

Bio: Captain John Kades has been an investigator and deputy coroner for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office for over 15 years. He is an active scuba diver since 1981 and has spent 14 years as a public safety diver for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Underwater Search and Recovery team. He has been a member of the department’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and is specialized in disaster operations, drowning/SCUBA cases, aircraft fatalities, and skeletal/buried body cases.



October 3rd at 7 PM Andrew - California Science Center Volunteer Program

November 3rd at 7 PM FBI Dive Team -
FBI Dive Team

Fan of crime shows, murder mysteries, or an all round puzzle solver?The FBI dive team is comprised of specially trained FBI agents that are ready to dive a crime scene at a moment's notice. These agents must undergo high-intensity training, medical exams, environmental training, and must be a trained FBI agent for a minimum of two years before joining the dive team. Our local LAPD dive team will be speaking about skills necessary to be a member of this elite team, and divulge stories about their experiences as members!

 The FBI dive team is comprised of specially trained FBI agents that are ready to dive a crime scene at a moment's notice. These agents must undergo high-intensity training, medical exams, environmental training, and must be a trained FBI agent for a minimum of two years before joining the dive team. Our local LAPD dive team will be speaking about skills necessary to be a member of this elite team, and divulge stories about their experiences as members!

Raffle Prizes:  
Diving Encyclopedia by PADI
Dive Knife
Diver First aid Kit

BQQ: chicken tacos  


September 5th at 7 PM Tom Ford and the Marine Team - Executive Director of The Bay Foundation
Tom Ford and the Marine Team
Tom Ford and the Marine Team from The Bay Foundation present: Two Years Before the Wrack!

Heros and their efforts to sustain Palos Verdes in an uncertain future. An epic journey featuring; the Blob, El Niño, hammerheads, green turtles, dead sea stars, dead urchins, and algae invaders!  How the efforts of scientists and fishermen to restore kelp and abalone have lead to new research and a lot of expensive stuff thrown into the ocean.  

Tom Ford is the Executive Director of The Bay Foundation, the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Authority, collectively comprising the Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program. He is also a Co-Director of the Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies at Loyola Marymount University, and part time faculty at the Fred Seaver College of Science and Engineering at Loyola Marymount Uni

versity. Tom holds a M.A. from UCLA in Marine Ecology and a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island in Biology. Tom has been engaged in the study and restoration of kelp forests since he moved to LA in 1998. Other current projects include aerial mapping of boats, abalone genetics and disease risk management, sea urchin gonad indices development, and SCUBA based biological monitoring of Marine Protected Areas. In addition, Tom serves on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Marine Institute and Southern California Academy of Sciences, as well as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Oil Spill Prevention and Response Technical Advisory Committee and the City of Santa Monica Clean Beaches Clean Ocean Committee. Tom has dedicated thousands of hours to understanding and correcting sources of pollution in Los Angeles; influencing national and international policies and practices that benefit the env
ironment and public health.

Tom’s diverse background spans the Atlantic seaboard where his research on sea turtles involved nesting beaches, aerial surveys and coastal dredging projects. As a commercial shell fisherman in Rhode Island, he developed his deep appreciation for the working landscapes that our coastal waters comprise. Tom and his family live in Santa Monica where they spend their free time surfing and exploring the beaches of Los Angeles County.

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9. New Bronze Colored Surpreme Snorkel by TUSA
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December 5th at 7 PM LA Port Police Dive Team -
LA Port Police Dive Team


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