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All Divers welcomed to join Diver Night

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    Welcome to our monthly "Diver Night" schedule! Diver Night is always scheduled for every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. This is an "open-to-everyone" event. You're invited and so are all of your dive buddies. There is no cover, no membership, and no charges of any kind. Come and enjoy a night of dive entertainment and education on us! We even provide BBQ tacos in the parking lot. Join the fun. 

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See Our Next Speakers:

October 3rd at 7 PM Anne Benolikin, CSC Dive Safety Officer - California Science Center Volunteer Program
Anne Benolikin, CSC Dive Safety Officer

Speaker: Anne and other members of the California Science Center Volunteer Program

Bio: Anne Benolkin is an Assistant Dive Safety Officer at the California Science Center.Anne helps to run the volunteer scuba diving program. She works with volunteer divers on maintaining and improving the aquatic living collections exhibits. Anne has a background in Marine Biology and Environmental Science and loves working with people and animals to bring science learning to the public. Anne’s favorite California species is the Giant Sea Bass and her favorite dive site is in Seward, Alaska.

Presentation Topic: How to join the volunteer program, and why you should!

About the Program: Ever wanted to be in the tank with the cool animals you see at aquariums? Now you can! The California Science Center offers a certified scuba diver volunteer program. Come learn about how to get involved and put your scuba skills to use! The California Science Center in Exposition Park is home to one of the best dive sites in LA, the Kelp Forest Exhibit. This 188,000 gallon, 24 ft. deep tank is cleaned, maintained, and fed by our volunteer diver program. Our volunteer diver program has been around for six years and we are continually trying to grow and advance our program with new volunteers. Volunteers have the opportunity to feed fish and sharks, learn new diving modes like using a full face mask, and some of our volunteers even become scientific divers. This talk will outline California Science Center background, overview our volunteer diver program, outline available continuing education and training, and detail how to become a volunteer. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Raffle Prizes: 

 -2 tickets to the California Science Center IMAX theater!



November 7th at 7 PM Greg Downing -
Greg Downing

Presentation Topic: Rebuilding the Underwater World in Virtual Reality for Science!

Description: You will see (in VR!) some results of the Scientific
Diver program at USC. Using the technique of photogrammetry (creating
survey and 3D models from photographs) a small section of Catalina's
preserve was recreated and you can walk around and move inside the
space in Virtual Reality. The course was designed with Environmental
Scientists and Underwater Archaeologists in mind as a way to explore
the potential for doing real science with this new medium.

Speaker Bio: Greg Downing specializes in the production of Virtual 
Reality and Immersive Experiences use image-based 3D technologies
and computational photography techniques at xRez Studio. He has a background as a panoramic photographer and a Technical Artist in Visual Effects for film. He has done VR work with the Smithsonian Institute, Archaeologists in Egypt, Guatamala, and Easter Island, as well as arts/entertainment work with Björk, Ai Wei Wei, several major feature films. He is also an enthusiastic diver with a passion for the underwater world.

December 5th at 7 PM Tom Ford - Executive Director of the Bay Foundation
Tom Ford

Speaker: Tom Ford


Bio: Love conservation?? As a diver, it should be important to you--no one wants to dive a dead site! Learn from one of the head haunchos about conservation in LA area:

Tom’s diverse background spans the Atlantic seaboard where his research on sea turtles involved nesting beaches, aerial surveys and coastal dredging projects. As a commercial shell fisherman in Rhode Island, he developed his deep appreciation for the working landscapes that our coastal waters comprise. Tom and his family live in Santa Monica where they spend their free time surfing and exploring the beaches of Los Angeles County. Tom has dedicated thousands of hours to understanding and correcting sources of pollution in Los Angeles; influencing national and international

 policies and practices that benefit the environment and public health.



February 6th at 7 PM Tony Knight - Seat Holder on NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council
Tony Knight

Speaker: Tony Knight and Colleague from Channel Islands Naturalist Corps

Presentation Topic: Channel Island Marine Sanctuary

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary - The American Galapagos, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, located off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California, is one of 14 federally designated marine protected area administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), within the Department of Commerce. The sanctuary encompasses 1,110 square nautical miles (1,470 square miles) of water from mean high tide to six nautical miles offshore of Santa Barbara, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel islands. 

The sanctuary is a special place for species close to extinction, sensitive habitats, shipwrecks and maritime heritage artifacts. Many valuable commercial and recreational activities, such as fishing, shipping, and tourism occur in the sanctuary. A comprehensive ecosystem-based management approach is used to promote long-term conservation of sanctuary waters, wildlife, habitats, and cultural resources while allowing compatible human uses.
The sanctuary’s remote, isolated position at the confluence of two major ocean currents creates remarkable biodiversity. The mingling of cool, nutrient-rich waters from the north with warm currents from the south form a dynamic transition zone that is home to a myriad of sea life from microscopic plankton to blue whales.

Bio: Dr. Tony Knight is a scuba diver and sailor and holds a PADI Master Scuba Diver certification.  He is an underwater photographer and has an active interest in ocean conservation issues. He serves on the NOAA Channel Islands National Martine Sanctuary Advisory Council, representing the Non-Consumptive Recreation community along with Ben Pitterele, from Channel Keepers.   Dr. Knight is an environmentalist and animal welfare advocate. He is a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, Mission Blue, Greenpeace, Wildcoast, and other organizations.  He and his wife, Nancy, enjoy traveling and exploring the world, especially marine protected areas.  Dr. Knight is superintendent of the Oak Park Unified School District in Ventura County

Raffle Prizes:


September 5th at 7 PM Captain John Kades - County Coroner
Captain John Kades

dive coroner Special Guest: John Kades

Presentation Topic: Most Common Ways Divers Die

Bio: Captain John Kades has been an investigator and deputy coroner for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office for over 15 years. He is an active scuba diver since 1981 and has spent 14 years as a public safety diver for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Underwater Search and Recovery team. He has been a member of the department’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and is specialized in disaster operations, drowning/SCUBA cases, aircraft fatalities, and skeletal/buried body cases.


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