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PADI Diver Certification - ALL BOAT DIVING

 In our weekend group courses, you learn more than a new set of skills. You learn how to navigate your way through a whole new environment (underwater!), and how to do so safely and with excitement. You master the basic fundamentals and then build upon them gradually so you don't feel rushed. Instead, you feel confident and comfortable. You'll learn at your own pace--however fast or slow--even if extra lessons are required. 

Be prepared to laugh and smile a lot, and don't be surprised if you come away absolutely thrilled--scuba diving does that to people. FAQ's    

Our Promise & Guarantee:  We guarantee to give you the most adventurous and educational Scuba experience possible. When you complete your training with us, you will be a confident and well-trained diver ready to explore the underwater world. We're dedicated to educating divers in protecting the aquatic environment--so besides the basics, you will also be taught buoyancy skills and fish identification to aid you in becoming a more knowledgable and confident diver.

Schedule: Depending which course you select (below) will determine the number of weekends involved.
To keep it simple all weekends are structured the same, Saturdays are typically an 8hr day and Sundays tend to be a 10hr day. 

When: Courses start every weekend all year around including holidays. 

Scuba Lessons at Los Angeles Area Dive Center

All Four Courses include: 
  • PADI Diver manual AND PADI Online Computer Code
  • Lifetime PADI Diver certification cards for each level you complete. 
  • BOAT TICKETS to Catalina or Anacapa Island for all 4 Options
  • Scuba equipment rentals for all four options.
  • Simple weekend formats with videos to watch at home.
  • Breakfast AND Lunches on island boat chartered trips (Sundays).
  • Top-rated, fun & safe instructors.
  • dive lessons southern californiaTop-rated dive boats with hot showers, good meals and friendly crew.
  • Top-rated diving at the Famous Channel Islands  
  • Just Ask about "Scuba Student" discount with purchase of mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves
  • Just Ask about "FREE Certification" with total head-to-toe scuba equipment purchase.

Tuition Based on Your Commitment To Scuba Diving, You Decide:) 
Certification to 40ft Of Depth   $389.oo    ::  One Weekend    :: 1 Boat Ticket    ::  PADI Scuba Diver
Certification to 60ft Of Depth   $599.oo    :: Two Weekends   :: 2 Boat Tickets   ::  PADI Open Water Diver 
Certification to 100ft Of Depth $899.oo    :: Three Weekends :: 3 Boat Tickets   ::  PADI Advanced Diver
Certification to 130ft Of Depth $1159.oo  :: Four Weekends   :: 4 Boat Tickets   ::  PADI Deep Diver
Get Certified to 200ft+                TBD     ::      TBD              ::                       ::  PADI Tec/Rec or TDI Technical Diver
Yes you can upgrade anytime with us, just pay the difference. You'll earn a new certification card at each level.   

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