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Open Water Diver Certification

EASY FACTOR 10 because we do ALL boat diving, no difficult beach diving!
In our weekend group courses, you learn more than a new set of skills. You learn how to navigate your way through a whole new environment (underwater!), and how to do so safely and with excitement. You master the basic fundamentals and then build upon them gradually so you don't feel rushed. Instead, you feel confident and comfortable. You'll learn at your own pace--however fast or slow--even if extra lessons are required. 

Be prepared to laugh and smile a lot, and don't be surprised if you come away absolutely thrilled--scuba diving does that to people. FAQ's    

Our Promise & Guarantee:  We guarantee to give you the most adventurous and educational Scuba experience possible. When you complete your training with us, you will be a confident and well-trained diver ready to explore the underwater world. We're dedicated to educating divers in protecting the aquatic environment--so besides the basics, you will also be taught buoyancy skills and fish identification to aid you in becoming a more knowledgable and confident diver.

Schedule: 2 weekends and you're a diver! (hours may vary due to weather & seasons - Saturdays are typically an 8hr day and Sundays tend to be a 9hr days)

When: Courses start every weekend all year around including holidays. 

Scuba Lessons at Los Angeles Area Dive Center

All Courses include: 
  • All study tools (Online by SDI or Classroom Sessions by PADI)
  • Lifetime Open Water Diver certification card
  • TWO ISLAND BOAT DIVING EXCURSIONS INCLUDED - No difficult beach/shore diving. 
  • All Scuba equipment rentals are included but you'll need to buy your own personal mask, snorkal, fins, booties and mesh bag. 
  • Deep discounts on personal gear purchase. (beat any online price, we'll shop with you in our store)
  • Simple weekend formats 
  • Breakfast AND Lunches on island boat chartered trips (Sundays).
  • Top-rated instructors, divemaster, crew, boats and lifeguards.
  • Ask Us about "FREE Certification" with total head-to-toe scuba equipment purchase.


Tuition (two options):
A. $589.oo with online classroom (Certification Agency: SDI)  Offered everyweekend!
B. $659.oo with traditional book and classroom session (Certification Agency: PADI)


How do you start? Call 888-728-2252 or click best scuba

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