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The PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Course


It’s about to get real. You’ve got your buoyancy on point, you’ve got a slick dive kit, and your dive log is thicker than an In-n-Out milkshake. The next step is to pass on your scuba skills to the next generation of divers as a PADI open water scuba instructor. We hold our instructors to a high standard here at Eco Dive Center, and our Instructor Development Course (IDC) is designed to bring out the best in our candidates. It’s a challenging course and the requirements are demanding, but under the guidance of our three veteran course directors you’ll come out with a great set of friends and your best scuba skills yet. 

Prerequisites: To enroll in the PADI OWSI course, you need to be a certified PADI Assistant Instructor or rolling over from AI, be at least 18 years old, and have a current medical form signed by a physician in the last 12 months, and/or hold a leadership level diving certification from SSI, SDI, NAUI CMAS, YMCA, or LA County. 
So what will you actually learn through your IDC? We will prepare you for the Instructor Exam (IE) at PADI headquarters in Orange County. People fly in from all over to get their instructor certification, but this is our home turf, and Eco candidates are always at the top of the class. We expect our candidates to be dedicated to learning their skills and knowing the content back and forth because the IE is only the beginning of a career in scuba. 
The IE weekend is conducted at PADI HQ on Saturday, then at Casino Point on Sunday. Saturday’s session includes your written exam (physics, physiology, equipment, and PADI policies) and your pool skill session, where you will be tested on your ability to demonstrate confined water skills in a simulated class. Sundaytakes you to the ocean, where you’re expected to conduct open water skills to PADI standards. 
The IDC isn’t for everyone. You’ll be sacrificing your free time and you will see some of the more challenging aspects of being a professional in the scuba industry. Plan for weekends crammed with back to back dives. Your gear will never really get dry and you’ll sleep with your PADI books by your head. However, those willing to make the commitment to the work will come to see why California instructors are some of the best respected around the world. Welcome to the world of being an real dive professional. 
NOTE:  Free PADI DM Orientation Night every first Tuesday night of the month during dive club meeting in the rear classroom. - See more at:
  NOTE:  Free PADI IDC Orientation Night every first Tuesday night of the month during dive club meeting in the rear classroom

Congratulations on deciding to become a highly respected PADI dive professional. To complete this course successfully you'll have to sacrifice your free time, make a firm commitment, prepare many days beforehand, bring your hat of tricks along with sharp skills, be prepared to have tons of fun along with a little heart break. To be one of the top students in your class you'll need to use your improvisational skills, adaptation skills, over-come emergencies with a smile and while maintaining your professionalism. It gets a little wild. The three course directors that you will be working with are eager to guide you throgh this process and will make sure you pass with top scores. This is guaranteed intense fun, this is why we do it. Welcome aboard. 
Tuition: ON SALE! Assistant Instructor upgrade to OWSI $850.00, must be certified PADI Assistant Instructor! 
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